So many Telephant updates recently:

- Image/video viewer
- Reply/boost/like counters
- Search feature
- Support for more panes & lists
- File-picker for uploads
- Performance improvements
- ...and a ton of bugfixes!

On Arch, simply install telephant-git.

Check out the build instructions for Ubuntu or download a static binary for Linux or Windows here:


(Note: the static binary may not support video playback and platform integration on all systems)

@telephant Does the static binary depend on system's Qt installation? I get a sigsegv & panic on Linux Mint 19.3.


No, it ships with Qt but depends on Xorg, PulseAudio, and a few image and audio decoders.

Can you pastebin the ouput, please?


@cadadr @telephant
Same error here on Kubuntu 19.10 (eoan).

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