I've made @lyresdictionary
its own homepage, including a development blog. My thought is to use it to write about future updates to the bot, as well as some words about how it works and how I think about it.


I did some plants pruning recently and have these propagations I'd love to give away to anyone who wants them in NYC. Message if interested

got my hands on that new art ai everyone's talking about and told it to make vaporwave the hobbit, damn pretty scary

@lyresdictionary Adding these languages will add whole new worlds of potential, and I'm really excited to work on it. But it will take a lot of new study, and I think now is a good time for me to take a break and work on other projects.

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@lyresdictionary While there is more I could do with these languages, I want to move on now to new source languages, like Old English and Old French. I've been thinking about this for years, but haven't attempted them yet due to the potential for complex variations in spelling.

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@lyresdictionary This marks a significant milestone in this project. At this point, Latin and Greek are more or less at parity, and I feel I've just about exhausted all of the low-hanging fruit of additions I can make without doing something new structurally.

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A *very* crude attempt at converting Latin words into something like modern English forms. It will definitely take a lot more research to do this well

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A final addition before updating the bot with my latest changes: some new quality control tools — error logging, and an analysis tool that generates a million words and shows statistics on the roots and patterns used

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Greek got a less thorough treatment than Latin in my earlier work partly because it's less present in English, and also because I know jack shit about Greek. But I think these approximate English formations reasonably well.

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Mi estas nun prizorganto de iOS-apo Esperanta Klavaro, kiu disponigas esperantlingvan klavaron. Oni povas elŝuti ĝin senpage je iPhone kaj iPad.

I'm now maintaining the iOS app Esperanta Klavaro, a keyboard for typing Esperanto characters. You can download it for free on iPhone and iPad.


I'm at a point where I'll have to rewrite some underlying workings before I can make the additions I want. This should let me do that without having to worry as much about breaking it in the process.

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