‪Last night I watched Legend of the Drunken Master with Jackie Chan and then had a dream where I told someone “Yeah I watched Legend of the Drunken Master with Jackie Chan”‬

A friend on Twitter replied with "Lauren Ipsum" and I'm losing it

Damn, I should have named myself Lorem Ipsum

Eating is just a very inefficient method for transforming food into crumbs

I applaud anyone wanting to feminize themself, but take it from this old transition rat, injecting 100ml of estradiol in one sitting can do more harm than good

Maybe this is common but it's pretty weird when you think about it

I think about this a lot because my mind spends so much time caught up in memories, imagined scenarios, anxiety, distraction, and obsessive thinking that direct experience of the world around me makes up only a very small part of my conscious experience of life

I love this endnote from this edition of Shantideva’s Way of the Bodhisattva.

Is hell real? Well, what exactly is real about our experience on earth?

Also feeling the urge to greet people I haven't seen lately with "it's been an afternoon and an aurora!"

‪A plane flying over the ocean is just a supermarine‬

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Honestly it's a crime we got rid of a letter with a cool-ass name like "thorn"

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your timeline has been blessed by the night heron of balancing on a rock boost for more rock balancing in twenty nineteen

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@inthescales you gotta add more L's and just say each one means "literally" llol

"lol" has been fully devalued, and saying "I laughed out loud" feels awkwardly echoing of it so apparently I'm down to saying "I just cackled" to get the idea across

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As far as I'm aware it's not available outside of vinyl, so I'm archiving it so that other people have a chance to hear it. I hope people will enjoy it!

I got the vinyl for my mom for Christmas, which was very exciting for both of us. She had it on cassette when I was growing up and I listened to it over and over as a teenager, until I could sing along with all the songs.

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