Ready to get horny about a plant with a troubled past

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We are proud to announce that we have become a branch of - a small, dynamic and effective trade union.
Are you a worker and are worried you will be exploited by the games industry✊🏻✊🏿✊🎮

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Just realized that the terms "ana" and "kata" for movement through four-dimensional space are from Greek.

ana - up / back, see analect, anachronism

kata - down / through, see catatonic, cataclysm

Dreamed that I adopted a cat which I immediately adored, but then became suspicious that it was actually a lion cub

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I'm looking for #work.

I'm a #Python developer with experience in QA Automation using #pandas.

Mostly looking in the #NYC area, but would relocate for the right #job.

Contact email:

Me when people at the trans open mic ask me when I'm going to read something

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But first, open projector

First presenter is Robin Hill @inthescales

showing her #procJam project, Lyre's Dictionary

It glues word roots together and makes up definitions for them, basically just by madlibbing the meanings of the roots together

laterivore (n) one who eats sides

Main data source is


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Ich habe 99 Probleme und sie sind alle Luftbalonnen.

Bots really feel like such a natural way of publishing procedurally generated material

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Also - I didn't get a chance to say hi at the last Wordhack but I wanted to say I'm super excited to use both gutenberg-dammit and the poetry corpus. I really appreciate that work!

That is, not something to parse a word like that but just a list of those kinds of elements

Does anyone know of any machine-readable corpora, dictionaries, etc. containing English morphemes, word roots, etc?

Something that would list the component parts of words, e.g. de-fenestr-at-ion or what have you

Apologies for jumping accounts so much I swear I just want to be chill and post online

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