PoCL, the Portable Computing Language, an OpenCL implementation (not just) for CPUs and GPUs, has just released version 1.6, with dramatic improvements in Nvidia GPU performance, important bug fixes, and package availability on conda forge: portablecl.org/pocl-1.6.html

Curious how to bound truncation error in chains of multipole/local translations with varying order in 3D? We've got you covered: arxiv.org/abs/2008.00653

If and when we return to campus, we should do so in as safe a manner as possible. If you're at Illinois:

Talk videos for the High Performance Python track at (virtual) SciPy 2020 have just been released. Don't miss them: youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYx 🏎️ 🏁 🐍 💻 📽️

Go from counting bits in a die shot to testing for register file aliasing from software, all in this one super-fun blog post by Travis Downs: travisdowns.github.io/blog/202 🖥️ ⚡

This is what I see now when I try to access Google Scholar. Thanks, Google, very useful!

Two tenured professors, an assistant professor, and a grad student walk into a bar and order- [See below for full text options]

"Re-toot" from academicssay.tumblr.com/post/6 :)

academic.microsoft.com is another service competing with Google Scholar! From (attempting to) claim my profile there, it looks like they put in some manual labor to improve data quality. 🎉

I am troubled by the dominance of Google Scholar as both an academic search engine and as a proxy means for evaluating academic productivity, especially when viewed in light of its lack of transparency and unclear governance. It *certainly* troubled me when Google Scholar randomly blocked my IP address with no discernible recourse. TIL about base-search.net/, some much-needed competition in this space.

It is an embarrassment that the Association for Computing Machinery (but notably *not* SIAM or the AMS, phew!) joined Elsevier and other commercial publishers in trying to torpedo a requirement on open-access publishing of federally funded research. bit.ly/34H1vbz

The call for contributions (talks and posters) for SciPy2020 is open now. Submit your work! Together with Laurie Stephey, I am chairing the "High Performance Python" track. See you in Austin in July! scipy2020.scipy.org/talk-poste

If you are looking to register for CS555 (Numerical Methods for PDEs) with me in the Spring of 2020: The CSE510 crosslist is open now for Engineering students, CS555 will open to campus on Dec 12. 🎓 👨‍🏫 🏫 courses.illinois.edu/schedule/

Help Mozilla collect/confirm voice samples to make open-source speech recognition/synthesis competitive! voice.mozilla.org/ - github.com/mozilla/DeepSpeech/

Illinois CS is hiring this year - with numerous open tenure track positions in ALL areas. Apply now!


It appears that I was wrong. I no longer believe that Intel's CPU OpenCL runtime is open-source software. The "build instructions" point back to the binary release to download the runtime. 😡😩 bit.ly/2kky2mO

Open source in academia, or really anywhere: "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Write a program to fish for him and you maintain it for a lifetime.” - nature.com/articles/d41586-019

Good advice from Denis Bakhvalov: How to get consistent results when benchmarking on Linux - easyperf.net/blog/2019/08/02/P

Want to learn things like this? Look for the next edition of my HPC abstractions class: bit.ly/hpcabstr-f18

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