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Apple Event 

Called it, sort of? Today they announced colored iMacs.

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It gets worse! One library multiplies them differently (possibly just incorrectly?).

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(and in math it’s ijk or abcd. As if quaternions weren’t confusing enough already!)

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Ok, I wasn't totally wrong earlier. Some libraries do use xyzw and others use wxyz. Agh.

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2 hours spent debugging because I thought quaternions were xyzw instead of wxyz

Why does auto-suggest give “😐” for “sorry”? Is this the face you’re supposed to make when apologizing? Is it even appropriate to use emoji?

yes that's right, i am now the annoying mastodon user that only checks in sometimes and replies to days-old posts

plot of land where one cultivates and harvests emotion 


any streamers/youtubers you recommend? especially niche-/derivative-/indie gaming, want more of that

any streamers/youtubers you recommend? especially niche-/derivative-/indie gaming, want more of that

YouTube is showing me vids that I initially skipped before I had played it.
• I did not realize how significant the "Eye of the Universe"''s name was, nor that its backstory was important to the ending
• The game is much more of a technical achievement than I initially thought

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This is a great initiative from – I just contributed and maybe you should too ❤️

Note: for those unfamiliar with the M8, you can find info here:


I would love to be able to help a BIPOC and/or LGBTQ+ person get a M8, that financially cannot afford the total cost. Even better, I'd love to see a few more of us possibly chip in as well~


I spent the entire day yesterday starting with "I have no idea how to do this" all the way to "I have completed the proof of concept" (of that specific mechanic) woo!
#GameDev #Unreal #ArtSchool #ChimeraProject

I think my ability to fully understand a codebase may not be limited by the number of lines of code, but rather by the number of layers of indirection or abstraction.

Drew up a pixel font to use in a game.

We now subject it to the scrutiny of the interwebs.

#PixelArt #GameDev

adventure game where, instead of journals, the lore dumps are in git logs

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