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The bird outside that sounds just like my fire alarm on low battery must think it's sooo funny

"We've updated our privacy policy to give you more control"

Their privacy settings:
🔘 Privacy off
⚪️ Privacy on

Mastodon, privacy flaws, account deletion 3/4 

So basically, your username will stay forever on the instance's userlist.
If you get suspended, no matter if the suspension is justified or not, your email and IP addresses will be saved forever on the userinfo in the admin panel.

The admins won't even be able to delete a suspended account except if they reset the account password, unsuspend it, login with it and then proceed to a removal.
(Note that we don't do this)

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Nikita: The Mystery of the Hidden Treasure: Should probably have been in the "silly games" block. Don't miss if you're into that.
Tony Hawk's Underground 2: Goes way too fast to understand what's going on, and the game has not aged well, but there's a silly bonus after the run.
Metroid Prime: Just a nice run.

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ugh, is there really no way to turn off unread notification markers

ok i partially take back what I said earlier, is pretty cool afaict

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I haven’t seen this myself, but I could see it happening if for example you have (a/b)*c that gets rearranged, & you depend on the precision

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3-word horror stories:

"depends on -ffast-math"

Just found out that has an "easter egg" where the logo's eyes "blink" bright red for 0.1 second, 23 minutes after launching. Luckily fixed it so that's what I'll be using from now on.

So that's 3 games I've played now that have made a narrative device out of save/reload. While it clearly paid off for these 3 (I played them out of recommendation), I maintain that playing with such devices is a huge gamble because of the temporary breach of ludic contract.

Finished. Phew, that race to the finish is stressful, took me two sessions of practice.

I also should have mentioned earlier, I'm very impressed with the lighting, in that it both looks good, is "realistic," and serves the game play.

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I just remembered what crypto-art reminds me of: those “star registry” companies that will, for a fee, send you a certificate saying that a star is hereby named after you (even though that company is the only body that recognizes such a claim).

I've been playing Outer Wilds (i, no The) per the advice of many. Intriguing but frustrating. I like that they reference both the Hubble Deep Field and cosmological redshift, even though (so far) neither are relevant to the game.

The speedrun category “No arbitrary code execution” is probably well defined in context, but raises some interesting computer science questions.

(if you're an admin and you think "practically every" doesn't apply to you, it does. the exception is only there for a few single-user instances)

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I don't know.
Many mornings I think, "Today's the day, I'm going to explain why I left Masto." But every morning, I log on and decide it's not worth it. I could say how I've lost my trust in practically every instance admin. I've deleted all private posts, and haven't made any new ones in months, including on my alt. But part of this feeling of loss really originates from my own mistakes, for which I can't forgive myself and don't expect anyone else to. So then why even write this?
I don't know.

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maybe? Figured I should take one with a mask on, then remembered I have RGB lights.

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