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Have you heard of the High Elves? I thought not. It's not a story the Empire would tell you.

found things in OSM 

big "donut shop next to a gym" energy

sorry just thinking about those thinly-veiled "how to 'solve' your <insert mental illness here>" web articles

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oh oops, but you'd have to know the function call site and properly offset it in order to get the return pointer right, which means you'd either have to understand all the instructions (defeating the point of transitioning on function exit), or not allow the caller's code to be modified (which would be a rather extreme limitation)

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This would not work if the data layout changed, but the original idea was to replicate what Java does, and IIRC that doesn't support layout change either. What would be a bigger problem is function pointers, or more specifically vtables. I suppose you could also do a valgrind-like thing of intercepting allocations to keep track of where all vtables are and update all of them.

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I had this idea back in college that you could develop universal hot code reloading if you had tight integration between the compiler and kernel, but now I think all you'd need is a userspace program with debugger privileges and symbols. When you need to update the loaded code: 1 suspend the target app; 2 decode the stack; 3 resume but break at function exit; 4 load the new code; 5 translate the stack using new symbol locations; 6 update return pointer and program counter; 7 resume execution.

what is. why do you all like this so much .it is a nothing tweet. it has no meaning. it does not bean anything. ti is like those tshifts with two media properties on it and peple byu it just because they get the reference

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something that I don't see discussed too much in the push to get off of election/web technologies is the impact that has on displaying non-latin text. if you are writing your own text renderer you are almost guaranteed to get it wrong when it comes to languages you are not familiar with. arabic is particularly badly served in this regard and I collect the many fuck ups on

for all of its faults (and there are many!) the web stack is still one of the best ways to not mess up text...

you've heard of windsock, now get ready for: rainsock (it's damp)

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