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@impiaaa not necessarily

eg. about MSIL/.NET:

local variable names are accessed via their index from a local table in a function and only optionally have a name filled in

type members (fields, properties, methods, etc.) do always have names, but internally they're referred to by a "metadata handle" (just an integer) which is an index into a table, the top byte of the int tells you which table it is. there's a table for classes, one for fields, one for methods, and so on. well, twice, one for the internally-defined ones, and one for the externally-imported ones. the latter type of course needs names (just like imported symbol names in PEs or ELFs), but *technically* the internal ones don't really need to, you can remove or overwrite them after compilation with mono.cecil/dnlib/what have you. this is often one of the steps done by .NET obfuscators

Interpreted and IL languages need to refer to functions and variables by name, right? So I assume they use hash maps. But I wonder if any implementations optimize for short names—a bit in the hash could indicate that the "hash" is actually the full name, saving a lookup. Short names are common in the JS and Java worlds, where obfuscation/minimization is common.

Oh, and that reminds me. In my quest to play the original Myst anthology, I tried Uru (apparently that takes place before M5 proper). I only got it to install in Wine by using the PlayOnLinux script but tweaked to use the system Wine version. Once I got in, while I knew about the game's background so I expected some weirdness, but I was not expecting goshdang tank controls.


I've been playing Obduction a little bit at a time. Overall it's good. There are a bunch of little things about playing it in VR that annoy me, but those could be fixed—but it's also made me realize how disappointingly contradictory the "ideal" VR experience is in general. I want to explore vast worlds—but moving around is either sickening or clunky. I want to look at things close-up—but high texture res means low framerate. I think I'll play the rest of the game in 2D.

Pointers become a lot easier to understand and play with once you learn they're just unsigned integers

RTF is kind of a nice format, actually. like yeah the syntax is weird, but it's widely supported and you can get styled text without having to think about page layout, XML, or a call stack

If anybody knows where to find more music like this, especially anything with an open license, please let me know! I need some mood-setting stuff and don't want to just a) recycle this, since it's Uru-related, or b) rip something off.

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Oh btw a lot of people were making a big deal out of that phrasing they used, but really it makes sense. Weather forecasting is really complicated math and a lot of it is built on observation. Wildfires have happened in the past, but there just isn't as much data for smokey days as there is for clear days, especially not for this unique high-altitude smoke.

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They weren't kidding when they said this is "beyond the scope of our models." The forecast this morning called for 85°F, but it hardly got up to 75°F because of the smoke cover.

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the C & operator is called that because it's the operator to get the andress

I was surprised that so many people were panicking about the sky, but then I realized that not everybody, even in California, experienced a massive forest fire 1 mile away from home when growing up

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when I woke up: goldenrod
an hour later: khaki
now: beige

crude, gaming 

Xbox One: xbone
Xbox Series X: sexbox

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