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A blog post with corrections and more in-depth explanations will come… eventually. Let me know if you have any feedback or questions that I can fix or answer in the written version.

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Having a strong sense of direction means every memory is oriented, though I couldn't tell you which way it actually is.

IGF gripe 

making a movie but can't go outside? just ask 


quit breaking the news and start fixing it, gosh

WAN connection is down. Exactly what I need in a time like this. 😞

crude, gaming 

GitHub and npm... two companies that betrayed their workers merging. Makes sense to me.

...this morning, someone posted a Really Neat Thing (on alternative game dev stuffs), and now (thanks to Masto scrollback limits and lack of anything resembling search) I can't find it.

A little help here?

I thought I boosted and/or fav'd it, but either the system ate my request, or I didn't actually complete on that intention.

If you know of lightweight web interactive media creation tools, or literally anything that would let me build a choose-your-own-adventure style HTML game (without writing the raw html myself or trying to manually maintain the decision tree), please let me know?

#BoostsAppreciated #WebDev #GameDev

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