wanted to use my computer's keyboard through the debugger to type on an android device. "adb keyboard" was not the right search query to use to find out how to do this

@tom Yes, it would help. If there's a dedicated audio chip onboard it's likely that someone has documented any encoding it uses.

@tom Hm, good spotting, but I can't really conclude anything without more context or studying. They all start with 0x0100 and then the next 2 bytes look random, so it's less likely an index and more likely an ID or part of the audio encoding (if it's compressed or ADPCM audio, or encrypted, it could use 64-byte blocks, and that first word is either a header, or a "null"/"init"/"sync" word).


@tom It sounds like you have a handle on it already, but here's what I know: youtube.com/watch?v=MXbo6y6MCP


I finished it the other night. Like I said, very good. It does a good job of giving you options for things to do—I guess that just means it's nonlinear, even though there's one ending (well, 3, but only subtly different). One puzzle was communicated poorly, and I did use a walkthrough for some parts. It doesn't have as in-depth worldbuilding as Myst, but maybe some people appreciate that. Regardless, I recommend it unconditionally (that sounds extremely positive, but I just mean that you don't need to be any particular type of person).

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I went for an eye checkup for the first time this week, and as part of it they dilated my eyes, and an unexpected side-effect was that I couldn't focus on things close up, including my phone. So I tried VoiceOver. It was difficult finding the "on" switch, but once I got it, everything worked pretty well. I was sometimes disappointed in the lack on info conveyed, and the constant "aitch tee tee pee colon slash slash" in social feeds was annoying.

What am I, an orthodontist or a personal chef?

@domainhacker Oh, like overfishing. If you business too much there won't be enough busine left to naturally reproduce.

@impiaaa C is oversimplified; water exposed to air is going to have dissolved gases in proportions according to Henry's law. Boiling changes the solubility and drives out the gases. It takes a while (or agitation) to redissolve gases.

Most people think boiled, degassed water tastes worse. You could have someone set you up blind taste tests between boiled and unboiled water, to find out if you do.

(Side issue -- fish breathe the dissolved gas, not the O in H2O.)

@impiaaa Water has dissolved oxygen¹ in it, it’s not just H₂O. The theory is that the oxygen reacts with the tea leaves, more oxygen = more stuff is extracted.² However, some people say that most of the dissolved oxygen is lost with the first boiling.² I don’t know who’s right.

¹ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oxygen_saturation ² https://cooking.stackexchange.com/questions/18295/what-difference-does-oxygen-content-of-tea-water-make

@impiaaa you've got oxygen dissolved in water, that's how fish breathe
although I'm not sure how it gets there in the first place
and whether you'd be able to taste it??
and if boiling uhhh effervesces the oxygen

I didn't even notice until taking the photo that it also uses the wrong "its"

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