@purple neat, haven't used android enough to notice. definitely doesn't happen in any desktop browsers though

a tiny thing that I really like about iOS safari is if you press "back" on a window has no history but that was opened from another one, it will close the window

@modernmodron no that's when you go back to an earlier name and resurrect it. a partially dead name is a half-lifename. not to be confused with radioactivename, or volatilename

Demographics at risk of impersonation via AI: Celebrities, politicians, public speakers, podcasters

Benefits of decentralized networks:
• You can't be banned
Drawbacks of decentralized networks:
• You can't ban anyone

@Aleums it's funny because this is probably an artificial suggestion to advertise a feature, but that feature actually just doesn't work

@nonphatic I have done socal↔️norcal by plane, car, bus, and train, and would definitely consider bus the worst of them

@wxcafe my favorite part is that performance on my phone went from "barely usable, often crashes the kernel" to "mostly acceptable." also announcements, which I and others had the idea for like 3 years ago

first I thought I should (buy and) install lsdj on my phone. then I thought I could design an app that would do the same thing but have a better touchscreen interface. then I realized that I never use my phone unmuted, so while the app would be a fun project, I have other things on my plate.

3-word horror story 

another (or same) bot idea: {blessing} You! {color} {position of power}

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bot output 

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