I've been informed that, while Google employees are not allowed to incorporate AGPL code into Google products, they are not even allowed to *look* at WTFPL code, *even on personal time*. So if you really want to scare away corpos, that option has been proven.

@nev I tried searching the canadian trademarks database, but it doesn't look like they ever filed one for the color

Apple Event 

Called it, sort of? Today they announced colored iMacs.

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@srol I assumed it was so that server owners could run servers for any game without having to buy a license for each

@PhilosophyFilin sorry, re-reading it sounds like you've already reached that. Maybe look up how some engines manage components in groups of system, rather than groups of game objects

@PhilosophyFilin this is actually quite a large topic in game engine design! Mostly you'll want to consider moving functionality out of inherited classes and into smaller objects, in some way. Some terms to research: composition/"has-a" relationships, the component model, property-centric architectures. Big engines these days use, to varying degrees, a specific design called "entity-component systems"

Guys, few (Roblox) Game Developers joined Mastodon! Make you sure to follow them!! They make cool stuff.

@0ffxInventor @JoeyLuvzU

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@Eramdam This could actually be useful though. Like if you're moving the cursor rapidly between monitors, having it on both gives your eyes more time to focus on the new position. And it's definitely better than getting the cursor stuck in no-monitors-land

It gets worse! One library multiplies them differently (possibly just incorrectly?).

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(and in math it’s ijk or abcd. As if quaternions weren’t confusing enough already!)

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Ok, I wasn't totally wrong earlier. Some libraries do use xyzw and others use wxyz. Agh.

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2 hours spent debugging because I thought quaternions were xyzw instead of wxyz

Why does auto-suggest give “😐” for “sorry”? Is this the face you’re supposed to make when apologizing? Is it even appropriate to use emoji?

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