4 years and 40 minutes ago, I joined Mastodon.
I recently created an account on mastodon.technology and might move there soon (or elsewhere if you have a better idea). Unfortunately, none of the people I follow are particularly concentrated on any instance, and this time I'm not particularly friends with any big-instance admins.

I don't have any time for my hobbies because it's all taken up by the other hobbies 😭

weirder.earth meta, context, long thread 

I'm a weirder.earth mod, and I was part of the decision to defederate with elekk, monads, and myasstodon. this is an open message to weirder.earth users who are wondering what the heck is going on.

this decision was not made lightly. but if you're somewhat new to the fedi, or just have not been in the loop for whatever reason, I'm sure it does seem to have come out of nowhere. here's some backstory (spoiler: I will not name specific offenders).

I made a speedrunning discovery today and ngl I’m kinda hype

I hate that I actually like Earl Grey because people are gonna assume it’s a Star Wars reference

I have very little experience in sound design, but I have learned that you really need to exaggerate.
layer in 10 different sfx. boost the bass. need a balloon pop? use a firecracker. strong breeze? tornado.

Since starting work-from-home, I didn't have a means to make coffee, so I switched to tea. But, someone recently bought me a french press, and… I might just be addicted again.

Presenting: Squiggly Squid, a physics-based underwater platformer! Made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 48 with @flauschzelle@twitter.com and @LenaSchimmel@twitter.com. #LDJAM

Play it here: ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/48 🦑🐠🐟🐡

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@dmytrovakhitov My heightmap viewer? This one github.com/impiaaa/heightmap-v is just a fork of github.com/jeremysingy/heightm , you're better off asking the original author. I don't remember what things it depends on, but it looks like at least SFML, so I recommend getting that through a package manager.

It's dooooone. There's lots of stuff I didn't get done as always, but I did manage to get in quite a bit of content. Three different enemies to fight!


#LDJAM #ldjam48 #MastoArt #GameDev #PixelArt

On a lighter note than most of what I post, Pokémon lovers, look at this!


Now, imagine more people trying their hand at this kind of stuff, making even more video games accessible!
#gaming #Pokemon #a11y #accessibility #gamedev

(Of course, this means I will have to design puzzles. which I am… not good at)

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The theme for Ludum Dare 48 is "Deeper and deeper"

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