Oh, their posts don't load, so maybe they blocked me? I thought there was a special message for that.

(and in this case, the user has a second account that follows me, so blocking seems unlikely. but then again, I thought "hide domain" still let said domain see your posts)

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What does a grayed-out follow button mean? That they've hidden my instance?

if your instance has a gamer on it you have to put a ⚠️​ beware of gamer ⚠️ sign on the lawn

@swirlz Yeah, but generation labels are just arbitrary divisions made to make it easier to denigrate categories of peop—Oh.

You can only hear once you yourself have quieted.

Shut up enough and you will eventually listen.

When people talk about Mastodon having a whiteness problem, it's because of this:

White people assume that their opinions are wanted and relevant and need to be heard. They aren't.

In the same way, any opinion I could possibly form on autistic people isn't relevant, wanted or needs to be heard. I'd like to believe I'm an ally but still, anything I want or need to say is irrelevant. So I stay quiet, read, and boost. That's it.

Easy peasy.

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I've setup a crowdfunding campaign to get an ARP 2600 for @IlhanMN@twitter.com.

Inspired by the recent exchange between her and @yungchomsky@twitter.com.

Let's get Ilhan that ARP 🎶


Working at a company that deals heavily with TV and movie metadata, xkcd.com/2329/ doesn't actually look all that far off from one enum type in our code

What if the lifespan of a copyright or patent was inversely proportional to how much money it made? I mean I know it would be impossible to measure but it'd be cool if it worked

@wxcafe Well, depending on how far you're willing to stretch your definitions and usefulness, Ethernet only *requires* one twisted pair (acc'd WP, 100BASE-T1 and 1000BASE-T1), which would fit comfortably in XLR3, and also XLR can go up to 7 pins. So it *could* be a passive adapter.

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