So uh.

Maybe I should make at least a 256b thingy or sth for Revision to at least have participated in a compo.

Except I have 0 inspiration.

Any suggestions?

VR game 

adventures in OSM 

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adventures in OSM 

C programming PSA 

It took me a long time to realize that pictures of nature with blurry, streaky water features were not artists' impressions, or digitally modified, but simply long-exposure photos.

making my nose sore and running out of breath 2x as efficiently

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funny, they both cover different parts of the face, so I could wear both at once

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getting home and taking off my mask just to immediately put on a different type of mask

A reminder that Self.destroy() came out a few days ago and I'm super proud of it and sharing it around would be super helpful :3

#GameDev #PixelArt #PixelGame

Aaaannd, it works.

Enjoy a shaky-ass video showing my aforementioned script that scrapes one of my private Twitter accounts for Switch screenshots/videos and uploads them to Dropbox 🥳

The code is available at if you're curious. Beware, it's rough.

Wow I never realized how big Indonesia is (via r/MapPorn)

@Eramdam and except that the redesigned site is specifically designed to thwart machine parsing

@srol nah I think that'd by garmadon's $2500 grant from samsung or something

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