blurry preview (further cw'd in case you really don't want spoilers)

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OSM memepost 

Tried to content-aware-uncrop a leather texture, and it kinda… stained it.

I figured the rearranged palette would need to have perceptually similar colors close together, so that errors introduced in compression wouldn't change the color much. And the former part worked well: just look at those smooth gradients in the palette. The theory didn't turn out though: that remapped *introduced* a lot of sharp gradients into the image.

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I wondered if I could rearrange the palette of an indexed image so that the image itself (i.e., the indexes) could be compressed conventionally, e.g. with JPEG.

…I will admit I didn't expect it to work *that* poorly.

My reddit secret santa gave me Evan Amos's book! Pictured: The page for my favorite failed console, in front of a poster of controllers that someone else already gave me.

Never thought of it this way. There should be a mod for Civilization where, for a space race victory, you have to additionally compete with billionaires from your own civ.

thank you itchio for the suggestion. surely a sale on my free games is what they really need to succeed.

adventures in OSM mapping 

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