4 years and 40 minutes ago, I joined Mastodon.
I recently created an account on mastodon.technology and might move there soon (or elsewhere if you have a better idea). Unfortunately, none of the people I follow are particularly concentrated on any instance, and this time I'm not particularly friends with any big-instance admins.

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I don't know.
Many mornings I think, "Today's the day, I'm going to explain why I left Masto." But every morning, I log on and decide it's not worth it. I could say how I've lost my trust in practically every instance admin. I've deleted all private posts, and haven't made any new ones in months, including on my alt. But part of this feeling of loss really originates from my own mistakes, for which I can't forgive myself and don't expect anyone else to. So then why even write this?
I don't know.

(if you're an admin and you think "practically every" doesn't apply to you, it does. the exception is only there for a few single-user instances)

ok i partially take back what I said earlier, guinan@tenforward.social is pretty cool afaict

@impiaaa I can send you a Ten Forward invite if you want a smaller instance to move to

@guinan I appreciate the offer, but I think an instance like that would just make even more people think I'm a Star Trek fan 😅

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