I've been playing Obduction a little bit at a time. Overall it's good. There are a bunch of little things about playing it in VR that annoy me, but those could be fixed—but it's also made me realize how disappointingly contradictory the "ideal" VR experience is in general. I want to explore vast worlds—but moving around is either sickening or clunky. I want to look at things close-up—but high texture res means low framerate. I think I'll play the rest of the game in 2D.


Obduction (in 2D) is very good.

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(in a description of how their hologram players work)

I appreciate this line very much.

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I finished it the other night. Like I said, very good. It does a good job of giving you options for things to do—I guess that just means it's nonlinear, even though there's one ending (well, 3, but only subtly different). One puzzle was communicated poorly, and I did use a walkthrough for some parts. It doesn't have as in-depth worldbuilding as Myst, but maybe some people appreciate that. Regardless, I recommend it unconditionally (that sounds extremely positive, but I just mean that you don't need to be any particular type of person).

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