I think I already knew this in some degree, but I guess it took a while to internalize: Not to be outdone by DVD's primitive menu system, Blu-Ray lets you use Java:

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@impiaaa I've thought about running the game* DVD that came with my Tomb Raider movie one (it just lets you watch someone play a custom level with branching paths and some commercials and documentary clips throughout) but it didn't work in VLC

*there's a bonus DVD too but this one also contains the Tomb Raider 5 game, y'know, as a treat

@impiaaa speaking of Tomb Raider apparently the entirety of Angel of Darkness was available as a DVD game which is just wild to me


> BD-J applications can use the package to connect to servers on the Internet. The physical connection might differ between implementations e.g. Ethernet, telephone line, etc. At the network level, TCP/IP is supported and the HTTP protocol may be used.


@impiaaa yet Blu-ray menus are usually no-frills straight-to-the-point

I'd really like to see whether any commercial product actually used stuff like network access and local storage

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