"the arrow keys sometimes produce strange effects in vi and should be avoided" ah, good, already there are mysterious and unknowable forces at play. well-designed program

context: this is for work. sorry for no cw.
up until now I've been able to edit files over NFS, but this particular file has to be on disk, which either means copying it from the PC every time I edit it, or editing it on the device. previously I was just using echo and piping, but I think learning basic vi is probably easier (def easier than compiling nano).
the prior posts are absolutely overreacting. it's social media, that's the expectation

@impiaaa :thaenkin:​ it is pretty rough, though I'm inclined to believe that full-blast cynicism from the perspective of modern tooling may not be the most conducive mindset to be carrying during the task of learning something as dated and specialized as non-vim vi on something as limited as an embedded system..

@impiaaa worse, you're learning busybox vi.

a lot of things i bet you already know, like / to search

hjkl are the traditional arrow keys but normal arrow keys will work if the terminal environment isn't too unconfigured.

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