Something that AFAICT doesn't exist that would have value: a FOSS Super Mario (SMB1/2/3/World) "port" that functions like most Doom ports, ie you provide the copyrighted content (ROMs) and the code is a faithful, legally unencumbered reverse engineering of the original games. Mods could be easily distributed as single-file archives of json maps, PNG tilesheets, some simple music/sound format.


@jplebreton (you probably already know this, but for everyone else) "cleanly reverse-engineered" is a big part of the problem. You have to either recreate it the best you can from *playing* the game (possible but difficult for action games), or you have to clean-room it by having separate people read and re-implement. There are a bunch of Nintendo projects on GitHub now, but they're all just cleaned up decompilations, which is technically a derivative and violates copyright.

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@impiaaa Yeah the decomps are definitely not legally clear and are the closest thing folks have come to real science on this. Given all the effort put into these kinds of works, and how frequently efforts have been invalidated by legal issues, I'm just very surprised nobody has tried the proper way.

@impiaaa @jplebreton this is such a dangerous problem to have that the dolphin devs are extremely careful about not accidentally accepting contributions from people who might just have *looked at* sdk's (or, say, the recently leaked material)

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