switched to an apple usb keyboard for the time being and I honestly gotta say, how do you people who use full size keyboards with numpads DEAL with that all day? this takes up so much unnecessary space and when i have one hand on the keyboard and the other on my trackball it creates what feels like a 50 meter gap between them

*types a couple of words*
*calls a taxi to drive me to the next town over where my mouse is bc my keyboard is so fucking huge*

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@tom it sucks but also typing numbers on the numpad is so much faster than finding them in the numbers row...

@piggo @tom maybe they should put the numpad on the left side


@piggo @tom ok, they do exist (I thought so) newegg.com/dsi-kb-dck-lh104-v2 I guess the drawback would be that you'd have to relearn to touchtype on the numpad with your left hand. And the arrow keys are moved.

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