was fun! I thought ‘17 was a little better, but that’s just me. Apparently both were way better than last year, but I didn’t go.

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My merch haul. As someone pointed out, a lot of the vendors were more anime than game focused. Also the Transistor poster is only because the artist was doing a 2 for 1.

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The new venue had music and games much closer together, but panels much further away. Funnily, it was inconvenient for locals like me because parking was expensive and ran out quickly, but I imagine very convenient for people from out of town because it is serviced by the free airport shuttle.

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There was a "demoscene competition," but actually it was just music, the deadline was 24 hours (I have a con to attend!), and only the kickoff had any physical presence (the rest was online).

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I got the vine poster with raffle ticket #2269. when it was called, a lot of people in the room, including myself, said "nice"

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