Upside of watching conlang videos: You can tell when an author was cheap and just make knockoff-English
Downside: You get disappointed when that happens in an otherwise interesting world

back to playing Myst 4 (I would add this to the old thread but 504 Gateway Not Responding) and I'm at a part where I need to decode D'ni. The legend they give you uses Latin letters to compare, which I guess is not so weird since they do canonically speak English. But there's one letter for "a," one letter for "ah," and one letter for "ay." So then how is "a" pronounced? Like in "pack"? I thought the nasally "a" was fairly unique to American English. Same with i/e/ee/I, k/kh, th/Th

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not to mention, this game does have translations to languages where those letters definitely do not mean the same thing

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also, to add to the list of tiny mistakes: the manual has typos

*Finally* got around to finishing Myst IV (remember this old thread‽ ) (well, I got 2 endings, there's still 1 that I want to try). I think all of my previous complaints still hold up, plus there were 3 really BS puzzles at the end of the game. But it's still a Myst game, so I, as a fan of the series, enjoyed it. Might write more later, it's late now.

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