This work uses the following Creative Commons-licensed works (1/2) 

"Volkswagen VW Golf MK4 - Cycles" by Jay-Artist at
"I-280 and SR 87 Interchange 2" by Kevin Payravi at
"Florida I10eb FL277 Overpass" by Michael Rivera at
"Protest is Patriotic Solidarity with Colin K Freeway Overpass Bannering" by Backbone Campaign at

This work uses the following Creative Commons-licensed works (2/2) 

"Construction of the overpass" by at
"Under The Overpass" by Tom Barnick at
"road bridge highway overpass freeway…" by patricia hole at

Some of these are "Share-Alike," meaning mine must also be licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license.

some facts 

the XCF is 26 layers and 183 MB (compressed). I took 10 of my own photos and used 8 of them. the interchange reflected on the car is, coincidentally, the same one that I took photos of (none of the sourced photos are the same though). the exported, unscaled JPEG is 3147 by 8727 pixels (and only 2.7 MB!). I uploaded to 4 sites, all of which were at one point considered good for artists, but only one, dA, let me upload the full size and set license metadata.

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