i see a lot of people on here wanting a plugin architecture for mastodon or mastodon-alikes. what do y'all _actually_ want out of that? like, which things do you want to be able to implement and how?

i'm interested because i've been thinking about how to do this in #rustodon, and that's highly dependent on what applications people care about

@er1n for a while, I was thinking of making a highly-modular AP system, separated into independent libraries that could be loaded by any high-level language. but this is all very pipe-dream and I don't know if it's applicable to Rustodon, so I don't know if I should spam your mentions with it


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@er1n the idea is you'd have a "core" library that just implemented the bare minimum to be considered AP compliant, and it wouldn't necessarily even depend on a database, just a web server (and that would be pluggable).
then you'd have a layer to make it twitter-like. and a separate layer for the client API, and a separate layer for the web interface. and they'd all have ways to add fields to models, and add hooks to do things when creating/editing/deleting entities.

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@er1n so that way, you could have a mastodon-like, or a instagram-like, or a googleplus-like, all with the same core engine. privacy levels would become a plugin. markup systems would become a plugin. or all the fancy features masto has nowdays.

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