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Now that that's official, I should do a re-​​:
Hi, I'm Spencer! I do a bunch of things; often with programming, sometimes with games, and almost always on a computer. Check my website for some of that. On Mastodon, I'm known for my bots @doctormccoy and @domainhacker​​​, an emoji importer script, the little 🗨️ in the corner of Glitchsoc statuses, for being a geometric shape, and for the dont_at_me emoji.

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Hi. I made a game (finally). Play it if you'd like:
It should only take a minute or two, and should run in your browser or on your phone.

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US politics 

Here are some of my political beliefs, in no particular order:
• De-fund the military
• End war
• De-militarize the police force
• Make the top tax bracket 100%
• Fund public schools
• Ban all guns
• Ban bump stocks
• Ban extended mags
• Ban semiauto
• Ban rifles
• Eliminate the death penalty
• Stop making games with guns in them

there are lots of others but these are the non-obvious ones

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Apropos of nothing, if you ever need a spare programmer or some programming help, especially for a game or game-related thing, let me know. I've used Unity, C, JS, Python, Java, and UE4, but I'm also quick to learn.

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I'm not giving my phone number to anyone I haven't met in person, but if you need something more or less immediate than Mastodon, you can try my same username on Twitter, Reddit, FB Messenger, Gmail,, and maybe others.

Dealing with OAuth is giving me the same levels of confusion that I got when trying to learn Metal

logo design (mostly) from a dream. presumably for a (microtonal) musician named dB, but I think there are already like 10 of those


I only had it on in the background for most of the time, so now I'm going through VODs and will recommend some. So far:
Just Cause 3: A chaotic game, a chaotic runner, and a commentator unaware of the game, make for some great laughs.
Dragon Age: Origins: It's a little hard to follow the narration, but if you can, there are some really funny and incredible glitches. Like before, one commentator doesn't know the game, but is curious, which helps the others explain stuff.

I'm going to get in trouble for this because it's old discourse

Show thread es un proyecto comunitario interactivo, basado en #OpenStreetMap, que fue lanzado en 2010 por el emprendedor social y creador de proyectos innovadores Raúl Krauthausen. Esta página colecciona y muestra información relevante sobre lugares accesibles en silla de ruedas en todo el mundo, suponiendo una mejora de la participación e inclusión social.
#mapas #mapeocolaborativo #inclusiónsocial #osm

sci-fi concept: black-and-white paint that rearranges itself into fiducial patterns for easy 3D scanning of a covered object

Here is some crossplay between a NES and a PC

It is exciting to see it coming to life! If porting modern games concepts to a 8bits CPU and 2 KB of RAM is not an easy task, it is a very rewarding one!

(If you don't know it already: it is an online smash-like, for the NES)

#nesdev #gamedev

ok I *thought* I was getting better at sqlalchemy, but when I tried to replace 40 queries with 1, the 1 took 5 minutes to run

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