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Now that that's official, I should do a re-​​:
Hi, I'm Spencer! I do a bunch of things; often with programming, sometimes with games, and almost always on a computer. Check my website for some of that. On Mastodon, I'm known for my bots @doctormccoy and @domainhacker​​​, an emoji importer script, the little 🗨️ in the corner of Glitchsoc statuses, for being a geometric shape, and for the dont_at_me emoji.

some people have imaginary arguments with people in their head so that they can always win. I have arguments with myself but somehow I always lose.

was going to use this as an opportunity to complain that twt's discovery features are much better than masto's. which is true! but, OTOH, though, twt just recommended I follow One Direction.

Just went on a follow spree on Twitter and I wish still worked so I could find any of them here :(

also to be fair it's also an extremely silly word in English. and also the best one

I saw someone use "boop" as a verb in (I think) German, and I mean that makes sense, it's a verb in English too, but just.
ich boope
du boopst
er/sie/es boopt
it seems funny.
wait how do you even say that last one. booptbtpbttbblbth.
and also why isn't it büp

What am I, a transit police or a terrazzo finisher?

(this one I'm pretty sure I stole from somewhere)

Roses are rose
Violets are violet
Why are you calling things
Colors that they aren't

Roses are fine
Forced memes are crude
But one's in the timeline,
And all you can say is

Roses are red
Violets are blue
This meme is dead
Burma Shave

Roses are dead
Violets are dead
Everything's dead
Climate change

Evacuation orders have been lifted, but supposedly water levels are higher than they were in February 2017, and my address was just outside evac range then. I hope I'll be able to go home tonight.

@impiaaa so is agatha christie's seven little soldiers

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