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Now that that's official, I should do a re-​​:
Hi, I'm Spencer! I do a bunch of things; often with programming, sometimes with games, and almost always on a computer. Check my website for some of that. On Mastodon, I'm known for my bots @doctormccoy and @domainhacker​​​, an emoji importer script, the little 🗨️ in the corner of Glitchsoc statuses, for being a geometric shape, and for the dont_at_me emoji.

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US politics 

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Apropos of nothing, if you ever need a spare programmer or some programming help, especially for a game or game-related thing, let me know. I've used Unity, C, JS, Python, Java, and UE4, but I'm also quick to learn.

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adventures in OSM mapping 



Did you "capture" any cool #cryptids?

Send Me Your Sketches! 👇

Mastodon: @ me & use #CRYPTIDEX
Post On The Itchio Forums:

I can't wait to see what you've encountered 👽👍
#GameDev #IndieDev #IndieGame

Because of how movies (&TV) edit phone conversations, it would be really easy to cut them together into new conversations but still keep it convincing.

adventures in OSM mapping 

students protest in France, suicide note, #LaPrecariteTue 

Woah, what! I've heard of collaborative worldbuilding, and I've heard of fictional mapmaking, but this thing is wild!




oh and no buttons. don't like that there's no face button anymore

oh yeah, there's a purple one now isn't there. I want the purple one

ok, now that there's an iOS 13 jailbreak, now that I have a reason to want a depth camera, and now that my current phone is crashing/freezing more, I am a little bit more open to the idea of getting a new phone. still don't like that it has to be a bigger screen though.

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