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Now that that's official, I should do a re-​​:
Hi, I'm Spencer! I do a bunch of things; often with programming, sometimes with games, and almost always on a computer. Check my website for some of that. On Mastodon, I'm known for my bots @doctormccoy and @domainhacker​​​, an emoji importer script, the little 🗨️ in the corner of Glitchsoc statuses, for being a geometric shape, and for the dont_at_me emoji.

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US politics 

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Apropos of nothing, if you ever need a spare programmer or some programming help, especially for a game or game-related thing, let me know. I've used Unity, C, JS, Python, Java, and UE4, but I'm also quick to learn.

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Huh. TIL: closed captions can be turned on and off. Open captions are burned into the video and always display.

Also, in the US and Canada, "subtitles" means just transcribed dialogue (typically aimed at viewers who don't understand the language being spoken); "captions" means all significant sound is transcribed (typically aimed at viewers with hearing impairment).

Today is gonna be the day that I upgrade my Ubuntu
By now, you should have somehow realized that was what I'd do
I don't believe that anybody used the word eoan, up to now

Is Mastodon just poorly written software?


Okay, that's… weird. The one follower I was hoping would move, didn't. I follow them so they don't block me. Do they mute me and it doesn't follow muted users (for some reason)? Is there a way to opt-out of automatic follows?

Did the new "move account" thing and AAAH that's a lot of new followers

No, not *next* Tuesday, *next* Tuesday. No no, that's *next* Tuesday. Not that, and not next Tuesday either. I meant *next* Tuesday. Not next Tuesday, not *next* Tuesday, and not *next* Tuesday either. *Next* Tuesday.

I knew my username would be impossible to say to someone, so I created a "professional" email address, but somehow firstname@nonsenseword.unusualdomain is hard too!

GitHub: maybe working with ICE is ok? Our employees won’t mind, right?

GitLab: Hold my beer.


on screen: [a man pours out a box of jigsaw puzzle pieces, in slow-motion]
me: Oh look, this must be a metaphor!

if you had 5 to 10 minutes to talk about anything, give a presentation to a bunch of games students, what would you talk about

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why do brits get the word "flat." it's so much fewer syllables than "apartment"!

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