@ej Those are my guesses from what optics and astronomy I know, at least. If you're a redditor then /r/askscience is a great place for this sort of question and you'll probably get far better answers.


I BELIEVE these are the answers:

* prisms produce a static pattern, but the atmosphere itself is moving around a bit, so you're looking through denser and less dense areas as you see the start. Imagine you're standing in one place and moving the prism back and forth a little as you look at it.
* I know the human eye is more sensitive to red and green than to blue, so with a faint light you might just see those colors most clearly?
* Again this might only happen with the brightest stars?

Whatever. It's been real.

Which is to say, occasionally interesting and mostly unpleasant.

re: Coming out -- finally doing it 

@starkatt Why? I feel pretty damn marginalized with some of the bs that gets slung around here sometimes. Aren't we supposed to be all in this together?

Coming out -- finally doing it 

@starkatt Well then what the fuck am I supposed to do.

mh, - 

Still hate people. Maybe I should just ditch Mastodon altogether.

re: #MeToo, Kavanaugh; column 

@zlg @nev (No really... Please. Talk to the women in your life and see if it changes how you look at the problem. They're the experts on being wen, after all. It changed things for me, and it was a nasty surprise.

If you do and they all agree it's just propeganda, let me know; that's an interesting data point too.)

re: #MeToo, Kavanaugh; column 

@zlg @nev Perfect. Now go seek facts, and make informed decisions, instead of just dismissing people on social media for saying there's a problem. :-)

I gotta go get dinner.

re: #MeToo, Kavanaugh; column 

@zlg @nev

3) I don't like our justice system all that much, either (though it could be much worse) but I am aware that one of the most effective ways to circumvent it is to avoid getting a battle into court at all. The alleged sort of crime, one where it becomes one word against another and one word is often backed by money and power, seems like it would be *very prone* to that sort of manipulation, and so deserves closer investigation.

re: #MeToo, Kavanaugh; column 

@zlg @nev

2) I'm not assuming "because X% of these claims were credible, the rest are too". All that tells you is that X% of the claims are credible. Where do you draw the line of significance? If a million people say X, and 90% of them are credible, that tells you something. If 10% are credible, that tells you something very different, but you still have 100,000 victims.

If you discount all of them because some might not be credible, that's just bad science.

re: #MeToo, Kavanaugh; column 

@zlg @nev One paragraph at a time...

1) Have you done some research? My research consisted of asking my mother and sister if they had any thoughts about it. ezpz. Turns out they had *no problem at all* believing that it was at least largely legit, for very concrete reasons. Surprised the heck out of me. If you're unwilling to blindly go along with any given "something", try to find out actual information instead of social media hype.

re: #MeToo, Kavanaugh; column 

@zlg @nev Thank you. I got a bit personal there. Let me return to your original post:

"A million "me too"'s are meaningless without evidence."

Do you not take this as evidence that there is *something* going on? Something that might be worth investigating, learning about, and making some sort of decision about, instead of just saying "well it's the victim's problem to do something about it"?

#MeToo, Kavanaugh; column 

@zlg @nev Or one where my mother, my sister, or my little baby cousin get fucking assaulted and then get told "oh well it's your word against theirs so we're just not even going to try to do anything about it, shrug" or "obviously you're saying that just 'cause you want attention".

#MeToo, Kavanaugh; column 

@zlg @nev I don't want to live in a single accusation without support can torpedo my career forever. But I sure as fuck don't want to live in a world where cute black girls get groped on a bus and do nothing about it "'cause I didn't want to get hit".

#MeToo, Kavanaugh; column 

@zlg @nev Put it this way. When your big sister, who can sure as heck take care of herself in life, comes to you and tells you about getting followed down the street by some creeper who kept trying to lay hands on her, are you still gonna say that's meaningless without evidence?

#MeToo, Kavanaugh; column 

@zlg @nev Man, why you gotta start off good and then veer off into BS like that?

Correlation does not equal causation but it sure nudges hard and says "look over there". I was skeptical of this sort of stuff too... and then my heckin' mother told me some *rather* disturbing stories. And my sister. And a girl I was dating. And others I trusted.

Claims have to be verified, but putting the SOLE burden of proof on the victim seems pretty unhelpful.

@neauoire You have to get the sulfur *really* high into the atmosphere, and the behavior of it (how long it lasts, where it goes, etc) is very poorly understood. It is believed to damage the ozone layer, for example.

Main event that inspired this idea is the Mt. Pinatubo eruption in 1991, which cooled things things down quite a bit in the subsequent couple years. No idea how much SO2 got high in the air but it could have been 1000's of tons.

I prefer orbital shades.

@szbalint Reasonable countries make them national holidays, yes.

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