I don't believe that technology can solve human issues. I think it's just an amplifier for the bad things and the good.

Technology allows us, right now, this instant, to feed everyone on the planet. Why isn't everyone feels? Human issues.

No computer is going to teach a human to make good decisions instead of bad ones.

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@icefox I like to point out the only reason computer security and even cryptography are necessary and vital as opposed to a hobby is because of human issues.

@icefox And it's an amplifier of the decisions of people with power. For this reason I think we should reduce the power that one single person can hold (and reduce the magnitude of the wars where one single person are in control of dangerous weapons).

@stkw0 The reasoning behind one person having the power over nuclear weapons is that if it does come to nuclear war the response needs to be instant. There's no time to reach a consensus decision when you have five minutes between buttons being pushed and cities evaporating. That's the justification anyway.

I do admit the European model is better, where nathional grudges get settled on the football field.

@icefox xD But in a war the amplification of the bad things of humanity have their maximum exponent.

@icefox Thank you for saying this. I'm so done with people thinking that computers will save the world without us first changing our behavior as humans.

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