"Of course, Broecker continued, there was another option: solar geoengineering. We could shoot sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere, where it would turn into droplets of sulfuric acid capable of reflecting at least some of the sunlight coming toward Earth — which could counterbalance the planet-warming effects of more greenhouse gases in the atmosphere."


@neauoire You have to get the sulfur *really* high into the atmosphere, and the behavior of it (how long it lasts, where it goes, etc) is very poorly understood. It is believed to damage the ozone layer, for example.

Main event that inspired this idea is the Mt. Pinatubo eruption in 1991, which cooled things things down quite a bit in the subsequent couple years. No idea how much SO2 got high in the air but it could have been 1000's of tons.

I prefer orbital shades.

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