If 10 more people buy my game on Steam it will go over the payment threshold and I'll actually get a check from Valve. Anyone?


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@viTekiM I'll happily buy a copy but what I really want to know is how you made all the awesome effects.

@icefox Thanks! I'm happy to share tips and tricks. What in particular?


@viTekiM Now that I look at the video again a lot of it is good particle effects; do you use a particular engine or editor, or did you write it all yourself without external tools?

What do you use for your line rendering? Doing it well is a ridiculously non-trivial problem, at least in OpenGL.

I'll have to play the game and pay attention to see if anything else catches my attention!

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@icefox Oh, it's Unity. It has a pretty decent particle system and I've gotten pretty handy with it. The lines are a mix of Unity LineRenderers and Sprites that just look line lines. 😅

I'm also doing a little trick where I shake the camera a tiny bit to make the lines look flickery.

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