Whatever. It's been real.

Which is to say, occasionally interesting and mostly unpleasant.

mh, - 

Still hate people. Maybe I should just ditch Mastodon altogether.

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Coming out -- finally doing it 

Enough of the deception, I'm coming out.

I'm a nerdy white guy.

And if you're not, and society is giving you shit for it... I am behind you all the way. You be you. Force the rest of the world to accept it! I'll help! No matter what!

I don't always understand what you're going through, and I don't always care, and frankly I'm kinda dense. So you're going to have to bludgeon me from time to time. Please do it. Tell me how to help best!

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Dennis Kuschel built a minicomputer with a homebrew TTL CPU - it's an 8 bit CPU with 16 bit address space, but it runs a virtual 16 bit CPU which can run Contiki, a multitasking OS with TCP/IP stack and C compiler. The machine even serves its own website:

Via radicalbrad on the 6502 forums. #retrocomputing

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Time to start looking for work again. If you know anyone who's looking for a PHP/Python/HTML/JS/CSS developer, please send them my way: github.com/joyeusenoelle/Resum

Tried out this game called ABZU, or possibly Abzû depending on who you get it from. I expected something like Subnautica: Open world exploration survival stuff. It is definitely NOT Subnautica. After half an hour I have no idea what the heck it IS yet, besides maybe Ecco the Dolphin combined with Disney's Fantasia and a good hit of acid.

Definitely worth investigating further.

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RT @ScottFilmCritic@twitter.com
If you only see two signs about a raccoon room today, make it these two.

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5/ Sturgeon's argument is that you judge a field by its *best* work, not its worst; dismissing a genre by pointing at its crappiest work and harrumphing "It's all shit" is unfair. I'd argue that the same thing is true of subcultures. Sure, you can dredge up examples of genres and

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"I can't help you," the witch said, "I can only mend what is broken."
"Am I not broken?"
"Your soul is hale, your body is hale. They just don't fit together. It happens."
"Is there nothing you can do?"
"Find someone else with the same complaint, and I'll swap your souls."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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any website that can detect my use of ad/script blockers is a website that justifies the use of ad/script blockers

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Language idea: “Spelling wasp”

Each candidate comes forward to invent a new word and spelling based on meaning given to them on the spot

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RT @ruskin147@twitter.com: This chart from a rather good US department of Homeland Security report on blockchain shows how rarely it’s needed ( HT ⁦@ProfWoodward⁩ )

🐦🔗: twitter.com/ruskin147/status/1

Some conflicting feelings here.

"Wow, something I wrote wound up on Hacker News."

"Wow, I rather hate Hacker News."

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M78 is a reflection nebula in Orion. It is the characteristic blue of reflection nebulas as the dust and gas in the nebula preferentially scatter the blue light from nearby stars, sending much of the blue light towards us while the redder light passes through the nebula.

whyyyyyy do people keep making server-side stuff in Node.js

I don't understand

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I want topics.

I want a threaded view on an ongoing discussion.

I don't want an autoscrolling stream.

I want to be able to look back into the past.

Why am I even on here?

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If you don't like GMO don't eat broccoli and cauliflower, they are the exactly same species that is heavily genetically altered... Cabbage is also the same species. Actually don't eat any crops, they're all heavily modified from wildtype. There is almost no such thing as non GMO these days, the only difference between things labelled GMO, and all crops is how much we have sped up the changes.

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