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Why did nobody ever tell me chorizo seitan was a thing before?

Also, seitan and such are much tastier when you stop considering them "meat substitute" and treat them as their own thing. (I know this is ironic in this context but it's still true.)

I think collecting training data might be quite frustrating for the player though. :-P

...I wonder if I could make a shmup or bullet-hell game with levels generated by machine learning...

In other news, w00t, ggez 0.4.0 RC1 is released! If you want to do with fun 2D games, give it a spin.

'cause really I wanna see what scholar.social looks like.

Still annoyed at for not having a good way to view the local timeline of another instance.

also categorizing who I follow would be nice kthx

Let's try this Caves of Qud thing people keep talking about...

15 minutes in: "You were killed by a snapjaw scavenger".

Yep, seems about right.

@Angle @Qwyrdo That isn't being bad at programming, that's how you get good at programming. You do a thing, discover later on it doesn't fit in with the way the program ought to be and refactor/redesign it later on.

This sharpens your intuitions and and skills, until you become like a jungle cat, instinctively hewing the program you wish with CodeFangs and AbstractionClaws from the stuff of primal algorithmic chaos.

…actually that sounds more like a really scary cybernetic beaver, doesn't it?

Forgot to to announce SDF breaking 500K users .. we're currently at 609,959 user accounts since the 1990s with 53,717 current accounts of which 19,105 are considered to be active. Happy 30 years SDF!

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SpaceX lands another rocket.

It's so awesome that it's barely even notable anymore.

I really hate coordinate system maths.

I THOUGHT I'd nailed all the bits and pieces down, but nope, one of them exploded and flew away while I wasn't paying attention! Ugh!

by the way, I was wholly unqualified to build an ISP when we built our ISP and I was also the only one of us who computered so do not let little things like having any idea what you are doing get in your way.

you know what makes the mastodon keyboard stuff fucking useless
i can't expand cws and sensitive content without the mouse

please tell me i'm just missing something

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@mtknn no need to panic, they're all safe to .unwrap() on Christmas Day. only naughty children get Errs in their Christmas Results