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Ported the Bad News Arcana to the Tidal badge. This is the physically smallest device I've put it on since the original Palm Pilot version circa 2000.

A lovely thing written by AI today: "You see a student in the distance, walking slowly and methodically, taking up as much space as she can."

abuse; disturbing gpt3 output 

Yikes! Caught in an infinite loop of domestic abuse.

(I gave it up to the "went to the park and...")

And now generating SQL. I gave it the first four examples.

Can someone give me an example of how a person who doesn't know SQL or analyze data would ask to understand something from data? I have trouble thinking like a human.

sexy trucks 

Pushing this thing in inappropriate ways. (I gave it the first three truck names and it came up with the last two.)


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And now let's prompt with a few fantastical truck ideas.

Please note this thing came up with the warship all by itself, violent little model.

Definitely an improvement!

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We get a bit of unsolicited advice.

Thanks for consoling me about my homework. 😂

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We first get some boring but coherent explanations of other trucks, not out of place given the examples.

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Let's see how GPT3 does on @phooky's least favorite factual kids book about trucks.

These example sentences are from the actual book.

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Has anyone used GPT* to generate floorplans yet?

Today's major accomplishment: generating a misogynist Thomas the Tank Engine story

I'm not sure if it's sexist because of Thomas or because of GPT3


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