Although I wish we had the same number and range of auditions available that men do...I enjoy them.

I would really never have imagined how much I’d enjoy auditioning.

Is there a way to turn of boosts from people you follow here?

I wish many things on trump

including perimenopause.

Perimenopause means “I went to bed relaxed and happy and now a migraine has appeared at 3am and I’m sweating and sore like I played in the US Open for the last 3 hours.

Perimenopause means sleep is a bigger work out than waking hours.

Why not initiate Mastodonning the same way I did when I first streamed audio in 1996 in a webcast experiment with Metallica at Apple...talking about menstruation.

I did it then to find out if anyone talking back to me was a woman.

I know now not every woman menstruates but there are some decent odds at understanding hormones.

Looking for follow recommendations for owomen, men of colour and queer folk on mastodon

America is being run by a neverending A/B test.

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Hey hey hey

Haven't logged in here in a while. Curious to see what the environment is like. Doesn't seem to be the usual "import connections to friends from other platforms" here and I imagine that will change things up.

Hi everyone on mastadon.

Let me know your fave women and POC that you follow here.


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