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jim jarmusch presents apoc and switch blasé shadowrun sex criminals on the lam

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Whoops more CWs. Yikes. Yikes.

They really wanted to max out the traumas in this thing.

Mace takes down all the cops single handed! Go mace!

"Memories were meant to fade, they're designed that way for a reason."

1:33 because I started at 10 UTC as instructed

Uh major content warning for anyone who's still a couple minutes back.

The Retinal Fetish club. But of course it's hollywood's imagination so it's still all rocking out with guitar bands. Techno never happened.

As always, the movie that is actually just about her would have been way better.

Mace is our invincible abrupt no-nonsense sharp-dressed professional cyber lady bodyguard chauffer. Black Molly Millions.

the most amazing thing they can come up with is "man inhabiting woman's body". how .. quaint.

"by the year 2025 there will be a second woman president" aw dang

said it before -- it's a movie about sinking into electronic addiction to one's own recorded (and engineered-at-recording-time) memories. grimdark.

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