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Some fooling around with Vishila in clip studio. I decided to draw her up using the rough pen and played with her markings using the lighter ink pen.
#originalcharacter #illustration #mastoart

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ICYMI, I made PhotoStack, a batch photo editor. It has a ton of features, like:

📷 A built-in watermark editor
📁 Exports in multiple image formats
🖥️ Works on every browser (even IE!)
📶 Offline support
💰 Completely free and open-source

Try it out:

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well it took all fucking day but i now have
- a working markdown editor, with justified text
- a script to take my annotated markdown and produce an html file with the appropriate styles and linkage
- even better typing sound effects
- re-learned perl, again
- a pair of extremely sore wrists

but the deed is done and never again shall i have to hand-translate my stories from rtf to html
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If I died, nobody would know it. Nobody would start asking questions. Nobody would notice. Even my family would start getting worried only in about a week, maybe.

That's what saddens me most. That the first ones to realise that I'm not there anymore would be my employer.

The really sucks.

Isn't life supposed to be more than that?

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Morevna Episode 4 released on PeerTube

11 years ago I have published first post on this blog. Today is the birthday of Morevna Project and today we are releasing new episode of Morevna! The release is available for watching at our PeerTube channel.  Happy Birthday, project!

P.S. YouTube release is scheduled for June 6th. After that we will start preparing sources for publishing and will work on E

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I was reading the YT comments on a Living Color video (i think the music vid for 'Cult of Personality') and someone was like "it doesnt matter if they're black, the music is good".

No, it very much matters that they're black, considering the majority of the faces you see in this context are white as snow.

I mean they're a fantastic band, but them being black means quite a bit.

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New blog post: "Tech veganism"

Wherein I try to understand what makes a "tech vegan" (i.e. someone who avoids closed-source software and big tech companies, i.e. probably you), and whether there are parallels with real veganism.

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Here's a possibly unwanted but I think useful advice for musicians who want to get more audience:

whenever you share a link to a song of yours, always describe what kind of music this is in terms of genres and moods. Four, five descriptive words in the top two lines of caption text.

More people who are genuinely interested in this type of music will click. If your music is good, they will actually listen and stay, maybe even subscribe. Or even leave some money.

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Artist confessions...?
- i always use references
- every single hand ive ever drawn is literally my hand which is why theyre mostly slender 😂
- i never draw thumbnails always go with the first idea
- i have never flipped my canvas in my life and dont plan to

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After a few years of running a Mastodon instance ( or two ( and bringing our own platform into the fediverse with ActivityPub support, earlier this month became a Mastodon sponsor.

As always, I'm excited to keep supporting the fediverse :fediverse: and watching it grow!

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Does anyone know a good forum based art community since and crimsondagger became literal ghost towns? I hate social media with a passion because it's very impersonal and people use it just to promote themselves instead of helping each other.
I miss the old Internet.
Also, goodbye to YTMND.

#news #help #forum #art #mastoart #internet

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People who can't distinguish between etymology and entomology bug me in ways I cannot put into words.
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Mastodon feature request 

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Free speech? Pftt, free = SOCIALISM! I'm now introducing paid speech, you can pay me $29.99/hour to listen to whatever garbage you want to spew out of your mouth, what a deal! 10% off for new customers!

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Hey y'all, I need to commission a piece of super hero artwork, with a rush turnaround. It's going to be a simple portrait of mom as a super hero, in a comic book style.

I'll pay as appropriate.

It's for my mom, who is not long for this world. Can supply details to anyone who might be interested.

If you know anyone who could do this and is currently available, let me know.

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HP LOVECRAFT: Okay so there's this gigantic fucking monster

FANS: Okay!

LOVECRAFT: You even LOOK at it and you go crazy with madness

FANS: Holy shit! That's awesome

LOVECRAFT: And there's this whole pantheon of galactic horrors, and humanity is small and pathetic in the face of their existence!

FANS: Daaaaaamn, this sounds scary and cool!

LOVECRAFT: Also I fucking hate women and minorities!

FANS: uh

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Also #Mermay w/ Ganymede /somehow having never used my 1/2 aquatic OCs for this theme until now cuz ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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I want the Fediverse to succeed, which is why I'm supporting it financially. I just created an opencollective account. I support @Mastodon, @pixelfed, Known, @Tusky, @tom79 and run two Mastodon instances and one Pixelfed instance.

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Finally looked up the model number of the old computer I picked up off the street a while back when my neighbors were moving and left it in the traditional "free to take" spot of our street.

It has a 66 MHz processor! It's an old Compaq Presario all-in-one. Same model as this one from the Rhode Island Computer Museum:

Now to figure out what to do with it... *rubs hands together gleefully*

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