Gods Vs. Monsters Vs. NJ #2: The birth of the Jersey Devil. write.as/doc-halo/lightning-cr

This story is based on the myth of the devil and how he came into being.

Starting to publish a collection of flash fiction that started as an attempt to worldbuild. It's called Gods vs. Monsters vs. NJ. This is the cover image.

Trying @write_as as a way to publish it. The blog can be found at write.as/doc-halo/

Day 4 of road trip. Finally in Nashville. Spent the morning at a public Tennessee Titans practice.

Day 3 of Road Trip. Visited downtown Lexington, the campus of University of Kentucky, and literary got lost in the massive and beautiful Lexington National Cemetery.

Day Two of the family . Spent most of the day in looking the horses at the Kentucky Horse Park.

Day One. After Harrisburg, we drove down Route 68 into Western Maryland and into West Virginia. This was our beautiful view for about three hours straight.

Spent most of Day One of Family Vacation in the car. Here we stopped in downtown Harrisburg, PA for a picnic.

As a dad, I've always dream about taking my boys to their first Yankees game. Finally go to do this a few weeks ago.

Back in the swing of things with my . Worked on some updated backgrounds in .


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