Need some tough love on my Iron Facets project. It is raw, unedited, and need a lot of linguistic polishing, but I'm fairly happy about where it has landed.

It is a description-centered fantasy story game, with few numerics or scores, influenced by several game mechanics (PbtA, FitD, Fate/FAE, Cthulhu Dark, Sorcerers & Sellswords). Due to license specifications regarding adaptations, I'm inclined to release this under something else than the CC BY 4.0 it has now.


@svalander Reading up on Iron Facets. Looks fascinating.

Thanks @ghosthand - glad to hear you like it. :))) It's still pretty rough around the edges, but I hope to even them out over the coming weeks. Let me know if something is unclear or if you find any strange expressions and such. English is not my mother tongue :)

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