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I am definitely getting net un-neutralized.

The emperor is beyond naked.

Any comments about mozilla's pocket? Is it legit vs the other tracking bastards?

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In addition to friends, facebook should offer an enemy category.

Facebook: where friendships go to die.

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@kingu_platypus_gidora image description:

A photograph of a colour printed page, possibly a magazine. The page is beige with a white border and red piping.
In upper frame there is a screenshot of the Google homepage from 1999, and there is blue bold sans serif font underneath it reading:
"Google ( is a pure search engine — no weather, no news feed, no links to sponsors, no ads, no distractions, no portal litter. Nothing but a fast-loading search site. Reward them with a visit."

My family is suing the British baking show for loss of consortium.

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Que lastima para Los alemanos LMAO

I disagree with Löw's haircut.

Go Mexico!!!!

Normally root for Germany and Bayern but it would be fun if Mexico beat them.

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