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hey im looking to do a little research on hrt, if anyone can point me to some resources id appreciate that

(boosts also appreciated)

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Catalonia has created a new kind of online activism. Everyone should pay attention

A pro-independence group is leveraging social media and peer-to-peer technology to orchestrate massive protests. The catch? No one knows who runs it

There's cute people on here. It's not my fault.

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hard rains and hard winds
still most leaves cling to the trees
reluctant season


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I have a pair of chinese rave glasses that can display scrolling text, bitmaps, or animations. They also make you look way too cool for school.

They speak Bluetooth to a shady APK, I've put it on a disconnected phone and I'm reverse engineering the protocol.

from an econ grad student:

"Only ethical model is for the global north to dissolve all colonialist institutions and return capital and land to indigenous people globally."

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social greedia 

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Confession: I pronounce biopic like myopic. I can't help it.

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asking for help 

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You live in a small cozy apartment. Your neighbor to the left is a brain surgeon, the neighbor to your right is a fry cook.

Across the hall, the daycare center looks after the kids, it’s usually full of retirees, they get a lot of joy from the children.

You go to work. Your boss, yourself, and the janitor all make the same pay. You work to do a good job. This seems sensible.

After work, you take the train out of town, there are collectives there with fresh veggies and milk. You bring them some canning supplies, and hang out for a bit. You admire their agrarian lifestyle, but you love the city. You leave with a big bag of apples, you try to pay, but they won’t let you, money seems cheap. Next time you’ll bring your fiddle, you promise.

You miss the train, but there are plenty of busses. You get on one and find a seat. The person to your left is a plumber, the person to your right designs satellites, a singer stands, and begins to sing.

That seems right

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You get back to your apartment. The bar on the ground-floor is crowded and warm. The food is simple but tonight the chef is excited for everyone to try the new dish they’ve been working on.

The service is perfect, the servers are like family, and how can family possibly spoil a meal?

You plop your bag of apples on the bar, people come by and take a few. A few folks are arguing at the end of the bar, but no one pays them much attention.

The person to your right is a butcher, the person to your left is an archaeologist, the local sculptor selects an apple, shining it on a clay-covered smock.

Instruments come out, Shostakovich no.7 in C major, to remember the dead.

The strains of music drift out into the street, the busses and trains, running by. Some folks stay late, some folks leave early, there’s plenty of work to do, but somehow

more time

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yesterday @compostablespork was talking about this photographer's work on iceland and i wanted to share a link to his portfolio because the mere sight of some of the pictures made me weep. he's very good, very tender in his light.

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Candy corn?

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