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Mood at work:

I'm getting hacked.....
I've never seen code like this.....

Russian bots slamming facebook on twitter. History books will dub it: The convolution.

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It is absurd to see tweets slamming facebook for helping bots and being a bad company.

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Rich people: making rich people look bad since the first asshole hoarder cave person.

Waiters? Tax the crap out of their tips.

Teachers? Overpaid babysitters, buy your own damn kleenex.

Billionairres? Cut their tax cuz they'll be sad if they have to pay so much.

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Imagine going through life as mom of the guy who stole a terra cotta warrior thumb with selfie.

Fuck it.

~Mr. Roger's Mother

Trust me NYT, sexy is not the adjective used when I wear yoga pants.

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I've never heard anybody say, "I'm so glad I finally joined Facebook! Why had I put this off for so long?"

3 Reasons to dislike this list:

1. It is wasting your time.
2. It has no purpose.
3. It is overly long.

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10 Digital Editions of Surrealist Journals from Argentina, Chile & Spain (1928-67)

Automating Inequality: How High-Tech Tools Profile, Police, and Punish the Poor

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How to profit & thrive off lies and shoddy science: the Andrew Wakefield story.

Dear Government: Don't tweet at me bro.

I just wrote to MSN and told them to stop facebooking the world by covering Bristol Palin.

How dare they sully the collective consciousness with that drivel.