❤️ You ever have that one big regret, the one thing you would fix in your past if you could, where everything would change if it had gone differently ?

❤️ I was once really harsh to someone, because I didn't know anything about them, I didn't understand them, and it caused me to endure alot of pain, and I just thought people were being mean..but later I learned some sad things about that person, and realised that I was the bad one.

❤️ I was the bad one because I betrayed myself, my life dicipline of loving everyone, and it taught me that I need to be stronger,..more resiliant, to work harder to be what I want to be, insteads of what my sickness makes me, not for the benefit of others, because it is my purpose.

❤️ Its not enough to be sorry to others, we must be true to ourselves as well, or we will just end up hurting people again and again, without even trying.


❤️ Many of us can't help how we are, and its not always our fault, but we must fight anyways, and become warriors of love & light.

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