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DSS 65 receiving data from Voyager 1 at 160b/s.

BTW, if you're not following @dsn_status, you should be. It tells you what stuff the Deep Space Network is talking to. For example, there are dishes in the network receiving data from Voyager 1, at the edge of the Solar System, *right now.* Blows my mind.

"Fresh Out the (Black) Box" by Malcolm Archer verysmartbrothas.com/fresh-out talks about the experience of being an African-American expat in Geneva:

"Being Black is secondary, supplementary. If you’ve grown up indoctrinated in The StruggleTM, this feels strange, but also liberating. The historical baggage of America’s racial history is gone and so is the burden of anticipating and managing other peoples’ reactions to your Blackness."

This is the book, by the way: amazon.com/Black-Holes-Time-Wa
One of the best physics books out there for non-scientists, though a bit dated at this point.

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Can't find the book I meant to cite, even though it was *right there* yesterday.

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*finally looks around now that work is done*

Let's see what I missed today...oh GODDAMMIT.


OK, 600 words of Chapter 11 written! Just need to do that again every day for the next two weeks and I'll have a chapter draft. Calling it a night.

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Writing is always easier for me at night. Not sure why. But the beginning of Chapter 11 is finally coming along.

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