our team logged 180% time this sprint, 50% of it unplanned. i think our sprint master is going to take the afternoon off to get drunk.

Since the holiday season is turning into kind of a monstrous mental health drain for me this year, I think I'm gonna starting making lists of things that I really enjoyed this year. Movies, books, games, articles.

MVC can meet me in the pit with broadswords at dawn

Sprint retro day! which means everyone gets to play fun games except me because I work remotely :-(

anxiety and ranting 

the christmas family drama is starting early this year and I just really don't have enough [anything] to be able to deal with it. the passive-aggressive group texts are already on the verge of sending me into a panic attack

all I want for christmas is a small snowy cabin 50 miles from everywhere, with no internet or phone service

star trek ds9 opinions 

Nog is a criminally underrated character. I'd challenge anyone to watch the episode It's Only a Paper Moon and try not to have a lot of feelings.

bleh i don't wanna do things, i wanna lie under a blanket near the fireplace with a book and not do things

current mood: reluctantly awake, completely uncaffeinated, and somehow still made it through 3 meetings already

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Monday morning kitten time. Surprise! This is my other cat. I don't have many great pictures of her because she's too dignified. She loves three things in life: my husband, bottle caps, and anything with cheese.

Is it normal to have imposter syndrome in an mmo? I've got almost a thousand hours in and still feel like I should enter every dungeon/raid like "hi i'm a newbie pls be soft on me"


cinnamon sugar chimney cake with fried chicken, cheesy grits, and hot sauce. oh. lord.

mental health complaining 

trying to set up an appointment with a therapist and psychiatrist, but all the therapists around here are only available for daytime hours and psychiatrists are booked 3-4 months out

*backflips into the sun*

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Okay sometimes Reddit is Good


User has made three posts:

- "I found these pills in my son's laundry, what are they?"
- "How should I ask my child about spironolactone and estradiol?"
- "My daughter is so much happier!"

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Ok, here's my serious #Introduction 😀
I'm Mao, and I'm a Graphic Designer/ Illustrator / Video Game Artist/ and Art Director at BAM! Studios CO.

I spend most of my time drawing cool projects that take too long to show, so in my free time I sketch goofs and memes to post on social media. (which you can find searching for "maodraws" over at: Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Artstation, Twitter and more!)

#purple #mastoart #digitalartist #illustration #maodraws

mastodon.art/media/60fzoEy-z3l mastodon.art/media/sY8bfpMW81O mastodon.art/media/1ibg3RBxBu2 mastodon.art/media/TGevhBGOCGF

work rant 

if you ask me to test a ticket
and i have a question about how it should behave
on some very basic functionality
please do not answer with 'i'm not sure'
especially if you are pushing me to test faster so you can put it on production this evening

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