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Ok so let's update my .

I'm a lover and listen (mainly) to , , , , and .
I play the , the , and .

For a living, I am a currently working for a !

Obviously and enthusiast as well.

Cheers and happy tooting!

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L'Internet ? Non, l'imprimerie.

(Musée de l'imprimerie à Lyon)

My new operating system just boots into a browser that’s pointed at a mastodon instance.

I call it Boot to Toot.

RT «On a bien entretenu le feuilleton de l’évacuation (de la ZAD), pour faire descendre le mouvement social (SNCF) dans la hiérarchie médiatique» l'aveu ahurissant d'un conseiller ministériel à

je vais voler ton cœur comme Zuckerberg vole tes données bb

Le gentil (ancien) flic et l'effondrement :

Un ex garde du corps des présidents français s'inquiète d'un risque d'effondrement imminent.

Merci @PerLith

Love that my favorite Android Masto app, #Tusky, is open source. Love the fact that #Pinafore and #Halcyon exist as alternative web UIs. Love that #Pleroma is coming along well as an alternative #ActivityPub server. Love that the sex worker community on #Switter is actively working on building open source tech that works for their use case. Love to see instances like #OpenSocialAfrica and

Y'all inspire me that this open source/free software thing may actually work out in the end. :)

Enfin nous y voilà !!

Rejoignez notre action de groupe contre facebook et les autres GAFAM…

which of you has been editing Wikipedia

When it comes to communicating communist ideas I feel like it'd be more effective if instead of saying "private property" we said "remote ownership" or "ownership on paper" or "economic property" or "corporate property" or "for-profit property"

Cuz like what we mean is "you can't own a house you don't live in" "you can't own a business others work in" "You can't own land others live or work on"

And I think in the 21st century "private property" just doesn't evoke that meaning

(Un autre exemple que j'affectionne—les flyers de marabouts parisiens)