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Flettner airplanes probably never caught on because if you happen to lose power to the spinning drums it drops out of the sky like a rock. lol. lmao

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Realised from watching the video that the way you steer it is by spinning one drum faster than the other. No need for ailerons

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Video of a working model one to show that this isn't just someone's bizarre fantasy

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The aircraft equivalent is the Flettner airplane which uses spinning rotors instead of wings, which seems so bonkers counterintuitive:

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In praise of slowness

Sometimes - only sometimes - slowness is a feature, not a bug.

A few weeks ago, I was reading about a purported use for "smart contracts". If your plane is cancelled, a smart-contract could automatically pay out your travel insurance, the millisecond the cancellation was reported. Nifty, right‽

Slowness for crap reasons

There are plenty of processes which are slow for annoying

#/etc/ #blockchain #msc

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why does nobody ever talk about the fact that da vinci's "vitruvian man" has two dicks

If GNU's Not Unix then FreeDOS should have been named DONTS

So it turns out that the committee spent a whole day debating the name for SCSI and its original designer *did* intend it to be pronounced "sexy" but fortunately that didn't happen

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Mozilla's unique selling point is that it's a non-profit. However, its real strength is that it answers to its community of contributors. It's not a perfect organisation, and it makes mistakes, but it can and will be held accountable, and that's what makes it better.

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So, starting today we are reviewing if and how our current policy on crypto donations fits with our climate goals. And as we conduct our review, we will pause the ability to donate cryptocurrency. 3/4

Original tweet :

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"The joke goes, "Stop saying you were promised flying cars. Unless you were born in 1935, you weren't promised flying cars, you were promised a cyberpunk corporate dystopia. You're welcome."

"Or, in the immortal words of Blank Reg, "You know how we said 'No Future'? Well. This is it."

Note: Crypto-apologists will be blocked. Life's too short for your whining apologies. You're cooking the planet and remaking it in your own image. Fuck off.

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By the way, this particular scam has a name! It's from the 1820s and is called the "Poyais scheme":

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Ever wanted to live on a private island where everyone is a crypto-bro? Me neither. Here's "Crypto Island"; they already spent $500,000 on this video (cringe is off the scale):

I got a Facebook ad for Figma and literally all the comments are people replying "figma balls"

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how amazing is it that we're able to live in this technologically advanced future where we're no longer limited to just watching what's currently being shown on TV, now instead we're just limited to what's on Netflix this month

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Discussion of the new powers being introduced to strip British citizens of their citizenship:

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