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Me, a unixy old person: "... and before end to end encryption was standardized, that meant that something called replay attacks were possible. To mitigate this, kerberos authentication was invented, which..."

A young unixy person: "can you pet it though."


"Kerberos was named for the three headed dog that guards the gates of hell, right?"

"... yes?"

"Can I pet the dog, is my question."



"Ok, no, but file that bug immediately."

amazon, politics 

it's certainly "interesting" that amazon are willing to spend a lot of money on an advertising campaign talking up how well they treat their employees, when they could have just spent that money paying their employees more

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First line of this ingredient list was really something of a cliffhanger.

uk/fr politics 

Is "pre 1976 flag" the French equivalent of the British right's obsession with blue passports?

john romero's selling his copy of half life 2 on ebay. wonder if he'll sign it if asked

When they hired Brad Fiedel to do the soundtrack for Terminator they were on a shoestring budget and had hardly any money left. Most of his work around the time was on doing music for TV movies.

7 years later with Terminator 2 they had a much larger budget and could have hired someone else, but chose to bring Brad back to do it again. Terminator was James Cameron's breakthrough film but he didn't leave his colleague behind in the dirt. I like that.

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?This is a cross-post from Twitter, its contents might suck? 

RT @maartjeme
Expert class Wireshark for a very special audience today

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unpopular opinion 

"They Live" (1988) is not a good movie. The *concept* behind the movie is great, and there are a few iconic visuals that make it memorable (the glasses, the aliens and OBEY signs) but apart from that, the actual execution of the film is godawful

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i downloaded all 10.000 of those ugly lazy lions nfts and turned them into a mosaic of a person right-clicking

I don't know why anyone would want three infrared ports? Presumably you wouldn't even be able to use them simultaneously?!?

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