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The HP 41C came out in 1979 and seems to have been one of the first calculators to build a real community around it, probably because it was designed to be expandable. Add-on software and peripherals were released for it.

People even "jailbroke" their calculators using what they called "synthetic programming". They figured out details of the internal instruction format and were able to do the equivalent of a VM escape exploit so they could do things HP hadn't intended:

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I fell down a rabbit hole of reading about HP calculators this weekend. Help! Oh well, I guess I can at least share a bunch of interesting things I found out.

this is your periodic reminder that there's no such thing as a supermoon

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Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is a net loss to civilization and the world. Plus, it's a scam. Don't touch it.

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imagining some day explaining to my grandkids what an "internet café" was

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So the main features of the newly announced iMac seem to be that it's very thin and has a magnetic power connector. Why would anyone care about or want these features in a desktop machine? They have truly lost the plot.

ah yes, the deep questions that philosophers have been asking for centuries

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disappointed that the game "yar's revenge" is not about lt. yar from star trek tng shooting a bunch of oily blobs

Funny quote:

Is It Really the Smallest?

Some argue that a program that produces "resign" as its output and terminates is the world’s smallest chess program.

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not really a fan of tcl but I do like that its logo is a feather. very clever

the mice represent the chaotic desires of the id, professor yaffle is the censoring superego, and bagpuss himself is the ego who must mediate between the two

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