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Sure, I guess that's certainly one way to structure a table of contents

trying to figure out how to manipulate ELF headers so this linux installation is going well so far

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videogames, descriptions of violence 

unreasonably excited about how I'm going to spend time installing debian this weekend

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Made my own Cisco console cable and it works. Fuck yeah how's your Thursday night going

he has a long-standing feud with Nigel Twitter the inventor of Twitter

My game pitch is firstly that the game will make heavy use of the material mapping features of modern GPUs. Much like how Flatland followed the adventures of a shape living in a 2D world, the protagonist will be an intelligent material. The name of the game: Material Girl

Debian use a farm of the bigger brother of these (EdgeRouter Pro) for building their packages. The Lite only has half a gig of RAM but that should be more than enough for running a couple of instances of Doom in parallel

Got myself one of these cheap second hand on eBay (EdgeRouter Lite 3). Internally it's a big endian MIPS system that it's possible to install Debian on. So it should hopefully make for a nice testing system for hobbyist stuff. It's hard to find consumer big endian systems nowadays.

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us politics, guns 

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