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Ah the old BSD-unless-you-own-a-che-guevara-tshirt license

no one ever asks *how* in the world is Carmen Sandiego

Healthcare in America is just being asked for your date of birth over and over until you die (because your insurance denied coverage)

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-Toc toc!
-Qui est là?
-C'est Lapinou.
-Lapinou qui?

"optirun time strace sudo bash" is the unix equivalent of stacking ten sonic 3 & knuckles cartridges on top of each other

The famous essay "death of the author" is named as an obscure pun that probably only Barthes himself ever actually found funny and I love this

*loud sound from phone indicating item i bought from ebay has been delivered*

[30 seconds later]
*loud sound from phone indicating other item that was in the same package has been delivered*

[30 seconds later]

Hieronymus Bosch is like Where's Waldo for butts with knives sticking out of them

Remember how we thought we knew what Pluto looked like, but we actually didn't because we had been working off artists' renditions and some HST smudges? Then, all of a sudden, we had *amazing* high-quality, true color photos of that gorgeous thing with its eerie lack of color and surprise heart? <3

We didn't even know Ultima Thule existed five years ago. Here's what it looks like as I'm going to bed! Tomorrow we'll actually know for real!

So happy to meet this icy rocky planet-stuff baby. \o/

this was mostly a pretty good place to spend 2018. stay good y'all

friendship ended with cheese, now avocado toast is my best friend

Happy Public Domain Day! Some good stuff in here this year, and I encourage everyone to go to Cecil B Demille’s 1923 Ten Commandments immediately and make remix up some super extravagant art.

#movies #publicdomain

SQLite has this Virtual Table mechanism that lets you create tables backed by any arbitrary store, and it's fairly low effort to write the plumbing:

it's the 9th of Daily Duck December and i need you to look at how well dressed this duck is

It turns out that designing the perfect maneuverable sofa is an unsolved problem in mathematics and there's an entire branch of mathematics dedicated to designing such sofas

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