Super Mario Land
Super Mario World
Super Mario Galaxy
Super Mario Supercluster
Super Mario Filament
Super Mario Supervoid
Super Mario Observable Universe
Super Mario 6-dimensional Supergravity Brane Cosmology

tempted to put out a new release of British Doom that renames the super shotgun to the superb shotgun

Fucked up that Bethesda owns the rights to John Romero's severed head.

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They Might Be Giants,
or maybe just standing really close?
idk I'm a band not an expert on perspective

@eevee sounds like a pretty complicated airplane to fly

wondering if the film version of zaphod beeblebrox was based on richard branson

Most flights have N+1 pilots for redundancy, but 21 Pilots decided to take it all the way up to N+20

Does baseball have a rule about what happens if the pitcher just stands there and never pitches? I've never seen a "pitch clock" or anything. This might be a loophole that hasn't been exploited yet. Just force the other team to concede. Play the long game. Play the mind game. Once this becomes the new meta, you can just skip the whole boring baseball part and just declare whichever team wins the coin flip the winner. Everyone gets to go home. It's win-win.

The most stone cold thing that Wally (Waldo) ever did was to ditch his girlfriend for her twin sister, and he even kept her dog

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