I like the simplicity of using multicast for this: nodes that want to attach to the VLAN just subscribe to the appropriate multicast address

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@dirt primo problema: c'e una formica nello zucchero

Yesterday I set up a VXLAN, which is kind of like a VLAN that works over multicast: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtual_

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(they did the smash)
they did the keyboard smash
(they did the smash)
it was a graveyaksajfd;lj;lkjga;lkjdkjfl;jlkdjf

@devurandom the biden part seems to be fake though, i think you're right

I don't think any news media is going to be naive enough to be making claims like that after 2016

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“In 2015 researchers Limb, Limb, Limb and Limb published a paper on their study into the effect of surnames on medical specialisation.” #wikifinds

@nickwedig that's how I thought of 2016 but 2020 is something else

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King Arthur woke from his dreamless sleep, to return in Britain's Time of Need.
He stretched, rubbed his face, and reached out to the land that had called him.
"Symbol to unite around? Again? I told you, as long as they need that, they can't be helped."
He laid down again.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

"What has happened to me: The story of an Uyghur man who now lives in Japan"

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github has fallen to the round avatar hegemony

@lanodan this is an interesting discussion that I'd love to continue but I'm getting a lot of aggression from your side and I think I'll just now out at this point. I'm sorry if I've somehow touched a nerve, it was never my intention

@lanodan @technomancy I never suggested doing either of those things so I don't know how to respond really 🤷‍♂️

All I'm saying is that just like it would be naive to run public facing servers - in any language - without any security measures in place, it's also naive to assume there's no risk associated with running stuff written in C just because you set up AppArmor

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