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Is It Really the Smallest?

Some argue that a program that produces "resign" as its output and terminates is the world’s smallest chess program.

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@joerebelloharley WASD+mouse is what I use. You could also try playing using a gamepad I guess

@ajroach42 i always try to remember that cheapest is not always best value for money (something I often forget)

not really a fan of tcl but I do like that its logo is a feather. very clever

@ajroach42 probably better to go with the HP ones since they're newer and more conventional with x86 CPUs

thin clients are fun to play around with - i have one with win98 installed for old dos gaming. but for something serious they might not be worth it. in the worst case I guess you have a bunch of old/cheap little PCs to use for projects ?

the mice represent the chaotic desires of the id, professor yaffle is the censoring superego, and bagpuss himself is the ego who must mediate between the two

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Thanks friends! Finally using this PDA for a real application in the wild and I gotta say, it's as good as I hoped

Saruman and the amazing technicolour dreamcoat

@phooky only reason they're non-fungible is that the linux kernel driver still doesn't have full write support

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@craigmaloney can't help noticing that in this very announcement in the space of 3 paragraphs they say that:

1) they "feel his behavior has moderated" and "his thinking strengthens the work of the FSF"
2) RMS's announcement disrupted LibrePlanet and undermined FSF staff before they could be informed and consulted
3) "we take full responsibility for how badly we handled the news" implying that it's the FSF staff's fault that he did this rather than the reverse

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?This is a cross-post from Twitter, its contents might suck? 

RT @marypcbuk
we spent months planning to bring rms back because we thought his behaviour had changed and we were going to make a thoughtful, inclusive announcement but rms decided to be rms

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Thread 🧵 of 501(c)(3) public charities you can support instead of the FSF, if you care about its mission:

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