@matt nowadays it's usually amazon that's trying to sell you the thing you just bought

There's a current wave of social engineering / malware attacks being conducted on Discord against game developers. Be very wary of messages you might get, even from friends:


This tablecloth has visible JPEG artifacts on it

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john romero, unlike most other well known id alumni, continually manages to avoid being problematic, and i am very happy about it

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@niconiconi maybe Queen - I Want To Break Free was also about a security engineer trying to exploit heap corruption bugs

@alexshendi1 `pkg_add gzdoom` will almost certainly work. You'll need the original IWAD files (or use Freedoom)

My first computer was a Sinclair. I think most of us in the tech industry from the UK owe a lot to Clive Sinclair.

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When you don’t create things, you become defined by your tastes rather than ability. Your tastes only narrow and exclude people. so create.

— Why the Lucky Stiff

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@CosmicTortoise @neauoire

It's a kind of theft, really.
Programming is magic. We are wizards for knowing it. We should be summoning daemons, calling things up by their true names, touching the source. We should be wanderers, like Ged or Gandalf, transforming the world around us in subtle and powerful ways as we move through it.

Somehow, this vision of our role was stolen from us in favor of business casual and "disrupting" industries.

@libc i was disappointed that ghidra didn't work on old DOS binaries

@libc I probably should have CW'd this for eye contact

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