"Lime green, lime green and tangerine" says Robert Smith of The Cure as he surveys his collection of classic iBook G3s

Gross news report 

Remember: even if you know the man, never buy a used condom

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This is both a really sad detail in that it had to be done, and yet an uplifting one: Angela Lansbury created a small role on Murder, She Wrote to ensure a friend wouldn't lose their health insurance.

Bethesda buyout 

@MadestMadness this kind of scenario is the reason I've poured so much time and effort into Freedoom for years

Duolingo: "a chi stai parlando?"
Confused pattern matching part of my brain: *chim

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@Calavera_Jo yes we have one too and it seemed to make the situation 10x worse, that's when I started thinking creatively

@pixelpaperyarn or just host your own blog. I wish people would get out of the mindset that they're helpless without a corporation to do things for them especially when it's something so trivially simple to do yourself

standing in the bathroom with all the doors and windows closed and the shower running on the highest temperature to try to steam out a baby's blocked nose

being a parent is certainly a job that makes you think on your feet

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"When you browse Instagram and find former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott's passport number"

Enjoyable read!


I'd like to interject for a moment. Please don't write that pseudo-word unless you are prepared to pronounce it too. In English, it is silly. In Spanish, it impossible. Linguistically, it stinx.

If you want a gender-neutral English noun to refer to people from Hispanic America, how about "Latin" and "Latins"? "Latin" is already used this way as an adjective.


Richard Herring's stuff seems to have turned oddly self-indulgent and niche recently since the pandemic/lockdown. Starting to make me wonder if he's doing okay.

Ladies and gentlemen this is RISC number V

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