sure, writing code is fun, but have you ever deleted a whole bunch of it?

@JordiGH specifically there was a sign i misread in a hotel where I was staying that read "please do not bring your zoccoli into the hotel, they make a lot of noise and disturb the other guests"

@JordiGH zoccoli are a kind of shoe but zoccola means whore, and I once got the two confused

The Italian word for moustache is "Baffi", so Buffy the Vampire Slayer in Italian is about a teenage moustache that kills vampires

I don't really understand why bitbucket would just delete all the hg repositories rather than converting them to git format at least? seems a bold move for a company whose business model is "trust us to take care of your source code"

I hope archive team are saving all those mercurial repositories on bitbucket?

be the pagliacci you want to see in the world

damn, the founder of SOUND BLASTER DIGEST throwing some serious shade here

when you see a doom screenshot in the wrong aspect ratio

I've been watching this fan-made Star Trek series and it's actually damn good. This one features John de Lancie as a guest star

taking some inspiration from the red hot chilli peppers, going to spend all day just lazing around thinking about california

Stevie Wonder's "Higher Ground" and Marilyn Manson's "Beautiful People" have the same drum line

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When I was a kid I made a tape copy of the Nirvana CD "In Utero" by playing it on a Windows 98 computer one of my relatives had hooked up to a stereo system, but he had a G.I. Joe theme installed, and I was using the computer for other things at the same time, so the copy of the album I had was full of random samples of Cobra Commander shouting at people, and the real version of the album has never sounded quite right to me without the yelling

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These heights were made for wuthering
That’s just what they’ll do
One of these days these heights are gonna wuther all over you

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