every doom medikit contains 25 small blue bottles

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Considering that "program that turns a light on and off" is literally one of the most boring, basic introductory examples for Arduino coding I'm kind of amazed that all the IoT / smart home fans still haven't got bored of the novelty of light bulbs controlled by a computer

@isagalaev I'm still waiting for these people to get bored of the novelty of using a computer to turn their lights on and off... any time now...

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Solution for a solution for a problem that doesn't exist gizmodo.com/lutron-teamed-up-w

I mean, how totally devoid of meaning your life has to be for you to care about such things?

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Someone needs to tell the sandwich naming guy that he's trying too hard

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Corollary: if anyone becomes a billionaire we should be looking very closely at how they did it and fixing the bug

Biggest problem is the slow USB drive and I think I can probably improve things by swapping it for a faster drive. I've been able to paper over it a bit by mounting / with softdep,noatime and a mfs mount (like tmpfs) on /tmp

So I've been playing with this over the past week and having a lot of fun with it. OpenBSD seems like a nice fit for the modest hardware and I definitely don't regret going with it instead of Debian

Right, I did a lot of work rewording things to make the text flow more nicely, I really wanted Fabian's book to be as perfect as possible. It was a real pleasure to contribute to it, in a way it was kind of like the Doom book I wish I'd written myself 🙂

@jakob yeah I definitely remember being a bit worried about him

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