Thinking about how 10 years ago I made a quick example DEHACKED patch as a proof of concept for a Freedoom discussion and it got committed without any review, and all those placeholder names for the monsters, weapons and items that I made up in 15 minutes are now established lore because nobody questioned them or suggested anything better

. @devurandom did some fantastic work last year making Freedoom's keys more accessible for colorblind people. I've done some follow-up work to make the keycards and skull keys more consistent.

The idea here is that there's a kind of "common language" equating each colour with the vertical/horizontal/X shape. In the case of the skulls, you look at the direction the horns are pointing. It was a relatively simple change (I had to swap the red/blue keys) but it's nice to have that added consistency


Apropos of nothing and 24 hours too late for July 4th, here's what the US flag would look like if they had kept the number of stars the same but kept adding more and more stripes. Just a red diffraction grating that hurts your eyes

NWT had a beta release of a "pro" version where two WADs could be edited simultaneously in side-by-side panes. Unfortunately this version was buggy and a full release never happened. But I always liked the UI where you could view two WADs simultaneously

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abortion, orange idiot 

We saw the same thing just a few years ago where Trump was criticized for saying that women who have illegal abortions should be punished. He later walked back his remarks.

He's an idiot of course, but it brings home the sheer absurdity of the pro-life movement. You can't have a law without some form of punishment to deter people who break that law. The idea of punishing women who have abortions is so unpopular that *even Trump* walked it back.

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