not really a fan of tcl but I do like that its logo is a feather. very clever

staring at chart, wondering "what's with that extra 4kb/sec of outgoing traffic that this VM has started sending?" until the penny drops: I'm logged in in another window and running "top"

Now that's the kind of video thumbnail I like to see :)

ah yes the 80s, when it was considered perfectly acceptable to dump a load of e-waste into the sea as a publicity stunt

How do I prevent cable from sliding out of desk when it is unplunggde?

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hello and welcome to "gardening tips with the spider mastermind"

This is season 2 episode 21 of Star Trek: The Next Generation. You might not like it, but this is what Peak Performance looks like.

A workaround seems to be to change "Sort by" to anything other than "Relevance" and then you get actual search results again.

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I finally have some shelves where I can show off some of my Doom junk. Most of my collection is still back in the UK though

My favourite thing about the Star Trek wiki is that you can search for any arbitrary thing like "shoe" and immediately get a list of every time shoes are mentioned or involved in the plot of any episode that's ever been made

yeah sorry mr ebay seller but I'm probably not going to pay $75 for your homemade pirated floppy disks

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