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I missed this when it came out a few days ago: Trump is already saying he regrets the concession speech he put out last week and saying he won't resign

you have to be careful to avoid cheap knockoffs when buying radiation protection stickers for your devices

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whoever designed the logo for "Gnome Circle" has apparently never been on the Internet before

New goal is to make documentation that is this snarky

Apparently a "Gendèr" is a type of Indonesian musical instrument and if you happen to play one, has got you covered

Discovery of the day: the Android task switcher lets you select and copy text from an app without switching to it, and you can select text even when the app's UI doesn't allow it

It's staggering to me that Freedoom has been in development for so long now that people are revisiting old versions because they have nostalgic memories of them from their childhood.

Thanks to for comparison screenshot I'm stealing here

mfw americans call a dummy "a pacifier"
mfw americans call a nappy "a diaper"
mfw americans call a mummy "a mommy"
mfw americans call infant perambulators "strollers"
mfw americans call an ooby-booby-cry-and-poopy "a baby"

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