Considering that "program that turns a light on and off" is literally one of the most boring, basic introductory examples for Arduino coding I'm kind of amazed that all the IoT / smart home fans still haven't got bored of the novelty of light bulbs controlled by a computer

Someone needs to tell the sandwich naming guy that he's trying too hard

Round of applause to whoever decided that "quit" and "exit" should be separate commands with different semantics

lol I've used the OpenBSD installer before and I'm reading this in the most condescending possible tone

Just try telling me that "teenage mutant ninja turtles" wasn't the product of some guy's acid trip

Sure, I guess that's certainly one way to structure a table of contents

Got myself one of these cheap second hand on eBay (EdgeRouter Lite 3). Internally it's a big endian MIPS system that it's possible to install Debian on. So it should hopefully make for a nice testing system for hobbyist stuff. It's hard to find consumer big endian systems nowadays.

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