Could this perhaps be the reason for crashes I'm experiencing? :doomthinking:

I'm the Dumpling King, king of the Dumpling Kingdom and living in the Dumpling Palace with my Dumpling Daughter, and I demand dumplings. Gourmet Dumplings from the Dumpling Kitchen

remember how trivially moddable quake skins were? just open up a bitmap and start editing, no need for complicated 3d modelling software.

quake ranger looking like an action figure still in his box. here's his gun and here's his axe

uk politics 

My plan is for an email header that will be like sand in the gears of hostile government agencies, tempting them down a path that will lead to a complete collapse in productivity

Okay, I'm increasingly convinced.
(1) Same Lindberg model kit (different packaging) from ~1995.
(2) What one of these kits looks like partially assembled
(3) Plastic model seen in id Software lobby in 2011, from the official Bethesda blog
(4) Lost Soul reference image (according to Romero), aspect ratio corrected

It looks like the id guys didn't bother to put the model together properly - the teeth and nasal bones weren't glued in

I'm personally very satisfied with mine. Very nice set with a variety of cool collectibles and personally signed by Romero himself. Recommended

if you put a "gaming keyboard" on display in a shop, people will steal the keycaps. it's inevitable

Random bit of cool Cacodemon artwork from a 1994 review of Doom by PC Zone magazine. Definitely deserves to be reused in a titlepic for a WAD or something

I was curious last week if it would be possible to mod a digital port (S/PDIF) onto my Roland SC-55 and I think the answer is yes. SC-55's DAC is a UPD6376 and it looks like the AK4103A has the same hardware interface. so you could in theory make a little daughterboard with one on, run some jumper wires from the DAC and fit a S/PDIF output port to the back

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