This is Bandit. He's a Blue Jay with a broken wing who can't fly, and he's been living in the garden area next to my apartment, hiding in bushes and climbing trees to stay safe. I've been working on getting someone to catch him and take him to an animal sanctuary but so far he's evaded capture.

Managed to get hold of a CD-ROM drive to go with the Libretto. But it doesn't spin up and the screen always says "no disc". Hoping if I take it apart it's maybe just a broken rubber belt or something like that 😔

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massachusetts politics 

to give some context: the MBF posted bail for a sex offender who while on bail went out and committed a sexual assault. but it's the job of the court to decide if someone is a threat to the public, not a bail fund. the news has been full of quotes by the police and AG attacking the MBF

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In case anyone's curious - the scammers made off with over $118,000 in BTC (at least, if you buy into the notion that it really is worth anything)

Update on status of this: I replaced the hard drive with a 4GB CF card, making it significantly lighter and quieter. Fresh install of 98lite plus all the Toshiba drivers, and I also installed an Orinoco WiFi card that I picked up at the MIT Swapfest last year

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I must admit it's been funny seeing all the security spam from companies who just repost stuff about new CVEs

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Someone got a really nice deal. Lots of Sierra stuff and other DOS games

Apparently OS/2 Warp shipped with a program specifically to fix Space Quest IV to run properly?

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