Despite all the bad stuff, it's because of threads like this that I still love the internet

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I was looking for a quote about long term commitment to use as a reading at a wedding and this looks like it is just perfect

Every eBay auction for Apple serial mice has the same photo of the DB-9 connector. One pin is missing! Maybe you can fix it? Sold AS-IS. UNTESTED

I was wondering if there was a book on systemd that I could read to learn more about it and uh

I never thought I'd say it but thanks to Boxer, a Mac really is the best way to play DOS games nowadays

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didn't even realise they were doing a sequel to being john malkovich

Midway forgot to localize Mortal Kombat for non-American audiences

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no, youtube

that is not what I want to watch right now

This used to be the Mascot for Gamer's Edge but nowadays it would be the avatar of a Youtuber calling himself "Lord Logic" or something like that

found an old opl in a box that i had forgotten about

Disappointing to see that even GOG nowadays is pulling shady shit to trick you into installing their Steam competitor app, hiding away the actual game downloads as "offline backup game installers"

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