Hummingbird acquired Beame & Whiteside and it looks like it may have been briefly sold as part of their NFS Maestro suite for DOS, but good luck finding that too

in the silence of night i feel the stare of one thousand cold black eyes watching me, unblinking, emotionless. they are there, waiting. funko pops

w e ' l l t a l k a b o u t t h a t i n a m i n u t e

tesla, elon musk 

Excuse me, sir. Do you have time to talk about our lord and savior, Jesus Christ?

took all my self control not to reflexively answer "rolkien"

Hardest part of a painting for me I think is this kind of big picture work where you're (literally) painting in broad brushstrokes. So much of my life and work revolves around focusing on details that it's kind of hard to let go

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