A cool fact is that the different ports of Battle Chess all use the same multiplayer/modem protocol (apart from the Commodore 64 version, apparently)

You just keep on living your best life, anonymous idgames reviewer

not sure when this tetromino floor texture got added to Freedoom but Boom uses it as the background for its setup menus and I'm loving it

There are other ebay sellers selling cards based on the same chipset but without a MIDI port. I'm guessing this particular seller decided to one-up them by including the MIDI port but betting nobody would notice it's just a dummy port

My favourite part of this card is the joystick port, which is not actually connected to anything. I was a bit suspicious about the unsoldered pads next to it on the PCB but it's even better: the entire connector is literally not electrically connected whatsoever

don't forget to make sure your nutella jars keep warm this winter

what is the ordering of these on the stuf scale? i'm guessing mega stuf is more than double stuf but less than most stuf but who knows?

Back in the UK temporarily to find some past purchases waiting for me

Apple have certainly made some weird looking mice in their time

That's 6 feet? Holy shit how big are those connectors

Got the DOS thin client bridging to my DOSbox dedicated server successfully. "ipxnet connect ipx.soulsphere.org 10000" if you want to try some Quake

laser cut myself a couple of case badges for my retro machine

One minor potential gotcha - the PCI slot probably can't accommodate a full-sized PCI card because the CPU heatsink intrudes too much into the space. Fortunately the sound card I've ordered has a triangular shape that should avoid this problem

Thin client arrived and I spent some time yesterday installing DOS 6.22 on a CompactFlash card and getting some games running. Quake runs really nicely - I haven't done any benchmarks but it seems comparable to a high-end Pentium

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