I must admit it's been funny seeing all the security spam from companies who just repost stuff about new CVEs

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Someone got a really nice deal. Lots of Sierra stuff and other DOS games

Apparently OS/2 Warp shipped with a program specifically to fix Space Quest IV to run properly?

wondering who the people are who are paying $400 on ebay for the sigil beast box when you can buy it brand new from romerogames for €300.00 (~$339.16)

Probably the most touching part of the King Arthur Uther Pendragon FAQ, because if he can be King Arthur, we can all be whatever the hell we want to be warband.org.uk/faq.html

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maybe "ultrafire" wasn't the best choice of name for a company making batteries

At least one of the fledglings found his way back to the balcony okay

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