wondering if the film version of zaphod beeblebrox was based on richard branson

The most stone cold thing that Wally (Waldo) ever did was to ditch his girlfriend for her twin sister, and he even kept her dog

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I did an image search for Peter Norton and the guy on the right is a psychology professor who just happens to have the same name, but he still did the crossed-arm thing anyway

pictured: tumblr executives when they were told about "female-presenting nipples"

feeling blue today, going to go with the blue badge retractor

Remember the SVG tiger from all old GNOME screenshots? Apparently Ralph Lauren are using it on their jeans now

my favourite movies are the ones where someone thought of a bad pun and just followed through on execution

Right: Chocolate Doom

Left: DOS vanilla Doom running in DOSbox w/ipxsetup.exe

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