I've been resurrecting SDL Sopwith recently, which I haven't touched in years. Here are the first screenshots of the SDL2 port, which is using the hardware screen scaling code from Chocolate Doom to run at 1024x600 (it previously could only do 640x400).

Did some work yesterday putting together packaging for the macOS version and uh... I guess I just can't help myself

Nethack is technically slightly older since it's derived from Hack (came out January 1984). But I'm struggling to find any other counterexamples

I only found out because someone reported a bug where you could stop the plane in mid-air if you flew slowly enough

@fraggle Does this share code with the original? Or is it a recreation from scratch?

@apLundell It is derived directly from the original source code and there are logs in the source code that date all the way back to 1984 github.com/fragglet/sdl-sopwit

@fraggle Neat! I had no idea the original source code was available.

All I had was a COM file copied from my uncle's computer.

@jerub @fraggle
Haiku; it’s an in-development OS based on BeOS. Pretty neat. As an old BeOS guy, I’ve been casually following it for a while.

@jd @jerub more like an open source rewrite of BeOS as I understand

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