Let's talk about NFTs! (Thread will be continued in unlisted toots below this one.)

With so many new users arriving on .art fleeing Twitter and their support of NFTs, I thought it might be a good time to talk about .art's stance on NFTs. While users are allowed to share their NFT art on here, as Curator I will never boost it, and .art will never integrate with anything NFT related and will not encourage or promote any NFT-related content.

The general vibe of our creative userbase (and indeed, a large portion of the greater Mastoverse) is that NFTs are, at best, problematic - if you've chosen .art to share your NFTs, you may find yourself struggling to get an audience, and might get more engagement on an instance specifically related to NFTs/crypto.


NFTs are about money, not art. They do not serve the best interests of artists, and it's increasingly common to hear of artists who've had their art stolen by NFT sites. If you're thinking of getting into NFTs, *please* research thoroughly to avoid getting scammed.


@Curator there is no amount of research you can do to avoid getting scammed. Anyone paying money to own literally nothing whatsoever is getting scammed. Either that or they're doing it to scam someone else

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