metal skull 

One staple of the Terminator series is that we occasionally see flashforwards of the future war against Skynet and specifically we see skinless footsoldier terminators on the battlefield.

The strange detail is that it seems canon across multiple films that these terminators have human-like yellow teeth. Why would they have teeth if they're not infiltrators? Just so they can bite you if they lose all their limbs? Not all terminators get skin but Skynet makes sure they all get teeth?

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metal skull 

@fraggle skynet was probably programmed by the sort of people who have skulls on their ar-15 accessories

(well, okay, more like those guys took over the company and forced their new employees to code in this nonsense, sorry for implying those sorts know how to code)

metal skull 

@fraggle every time a terminator makes a kill, they may claim one tooth from the victim

@fraggle It never really made sense to me why it'd build infiltrator chassis for non-infiltration work in the first place anyway, when it clearly has HK drones and tanks for the straight-up war bits.

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