Facebook outage 

Deleted Reddit comments from a user who claimed to be a Facebook employee on the team trying to fix the outage

Facebook outage 

Gosh, it really would be a fuckup if their badge security system itself depends on Facebook

Facebook outage 

Circular dependencies in software can be a real problem, especially since many tech companies follow the approach of "eating your own dogfood".

I don't know if that's the main cause of this outage but it certainly seems like it's at least seriously hindering the recovery efforts


Facebook outage 

It's really easy to fall into the trap of having a circular dependency without intending to, or realising you've done so.

All you need are two things X and Y (could be tools, services, etc.) and you decide that it's "best practice" to use both of them. So X adds a dependency on Y, Y on X, and of course everyone else is depending on both

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Facebook outage 

The insidious part is that it works fine - until it doesn't. As long as both are at least partially working you can usually recover. But as soon as one goes down it becomes very difficult to bring either back

And even if you think X has no dependency on Y, maybe it does have a dependency on Z, and you don't know *it* depends on Y.

Facebook outage 

The usual solution is to bootstrap from simpler tools and self-contained systems without dependencies but that of course has its own issues.

Like maybe you take the time to set up your emergency fallback and think you're covered, but then a year later you find it's bitrotted and doesn't work any more

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