So I thought that flatpak was supposed to finally be the solution to distributing standalone Linux apps, entirely self-contained apps without all the usual complexity of package repositories and dependency hell etc. But it seems it took them approximately 5 seconds to invent repositories and package dependencies again. I guess this problem is just never getting solved

@fraggle They're *mostly* opt-in dependencies, from what I understand.

Snaps are a bit more opt-in, and a bit more difficult to opt-in-to.

But, fundamentally, integrating with a system is a bunch of work, and sharing that work is often attractive, which brings you to…

(Also, the underlying platform can change in ways that you can't self-contain - hello, GFX drivers and various system servics!)

@fraggle I thought this too but then I realized I was thinking of AppImage

as far as I can tell, FlatPak is another package manager, just one that
works independent of which distro you use.

Snap is similar, except no snap I ever try to install ever actually works right

@SpindleyQ appimage! I think i was thinking of that too

and yeah it does seem to be just another package manager, albeit with a nice & professional looking UI & website

@SpindleyQ problem with "another package manager" is you often don't know who made the packages - an actual engineer or some teenager who just learned to write their first shell script

@fraggle I think there's supposedly some sandboxing going on there too, which apparently is the hot new thing in Linux desktop app distribution, not trusting your binaries.

@SpindleyQ i mean that's probably a good thing in general, every other OS is already doing it. and you can make an analogy with eg. openbsd's pledge/unveil

@fraggle yeah, I agree! I just find it a little funny that the Linux ecosystem in particular seems to be putting so much effort into this, when I have so many more reasons to trust the software I'm running on Linux than anything I might run on MacOS or Windows

@fraggle It was solved with dpkg/apt, but---much like LISP---people keep insisting on re-solving it, wrong, over and over, making all the same mistakes Debian already figured out the solutions to.

@fraggle I think appimage is meant to be the entirely self-contained one. flatpak is more like F-Droid but for desktop linux.

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