work hard every day kids and some day your ceo might be able to go into space

us politics 

whoopsie he said the quiet part out loud

re: us politics 

@fraggle [insert lefty dad joke]: I don't call it capitalism, I call it crapitalism.

us politics 

@fraggle not to metion the self blowing United States bought One Billion vaccines and is giving out really few so far.

The whole world could just starve, even other Americans from the American continent, but as far as United State’s americans are concerned, they are the only human beings that matter.

The country is to the world what those billionaires are to the people in the rolling news below.

us politics 

@fraggle the ok out loud part: the customers
the quiet out loud part: the workers
the quiet quiet part: the entire us tax base, and other sufferers of externalized damage, that are neither customers nor workers

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